Valentine Roundup: Gifts & Homemade Valentine

posted on: 2.05.2014

Today I'm guest posting on the beautiful blog West Coast Capri, and sharing my favorite Valentine gift ideas for you and your littles! I had such a hard time narrowing it down, so I'm sharing the rest here for you. Does it mean I'm cheesy if I'm drawn to this kitschy holiday? Oh well. Cheesy I am then!
^Visit West Coast Capri to see my picks above ^

Here's what I had to leave out of my guest post, but couldn't bear to let go of it completely.
Clockwise from top left 1/2/3/4

For The Littles...

Clockwise from top left 1/2/3

Happy Valentine's Day! 
xo Chelsea


  1. I found you via Pinterest and LOVE that you have a girl named Tate. We do too and I've never 'met' anyone else who does. Super cute Valentine hot air balloon.

  2. You have the best Valentines ideas. I love your taste.


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