Today You are 7

posted on: 1.23.2014

Although her actual birthday was Monday, which we celebrated Sunday since I went out of town, I still didn't get a chance to write her birthday letter on that day. I was so nervous about leaving over her birthday and played up the fact that she'd have a few days alone with Wyatt, off work nonetheless, and what fun that would be. She replied by telling me how excited she was for me to finally get a girls trip. 
It's a classic Tate reaction and what makes her such a gem.

Today you are seven Tate.
Today you are equal parts sass and sports. Cartwheels and football, followed up with glitter and peace.
Today you love Shake It Up Chicago, Jessie, and Full House.
Today you could think 20 degrees is warm. Always outside, always up for something.
Today you don't walk, you cartwheel. Everywhere.
Today you think of your brothers first, always. They don't know yet how lucky they are.
Today you are tall (er). You've had a big length growth spurt that you're happy about.
Today you still have a tiny bit of that baby tummy left and I love it. You hate it.
Today you've lost two teeth, and are just about to lose one of your front teeth.
Today you are a great reader and love your Junie B chapter books.
Today you are wise, and have a great gauge on what people around you need.
Today you love your iPod, and gymnastics most.
Today you love to wear "workout clothes" even though you don't workout. It's a funny thing.
Today you are sweet. Always reminding us of the little things that matter most.
Today you love oatmeal for breakfast, a maple cookie after school, and if you could, Carbonara every night for dinner.
Today you prefer your hair straight down, in a pony tail, or french braids.
Today you are learning so much in school, but I'm still most impressed with your empathy and care for others.
Today Finn is your shadow. You might never get rid of him.
Today you love to help. Me with dinner, and dad with shoveling the driveway, anything. "It's always faster with two" you will say if you can tell we might want to quickly get it done on our own. I'm always happy after for your insight.
Today you're the first to check Finn and Tuck's backpack for new artwork. Such a proud sister.
Today when I say "sleep good (at night), or have a good day", you always follow up genuinely with "you sleep good too mom, or I hope you have a good day with the boys mom", instead of just saying okay.
Today you love to jump, flip, and split on the tramp.
Today Katy Perry's Roar, Lumineer's Ho Hey, and What Did the Fox Say are your favorite songs.
Today "fyi mom", "totes", and "cray cray" are common phrases we hear from you.
Today you have outgrown little girl, at least in your eyes.
Today you are still my most favorite girl, and make me the happiest mom ever.

Happy 7th Birthday Miss Tate Scarlet!

Love, Mom


  1. I don't ever want you to stop doing these posts, although, "today you are 35" might be a little weird:) What I love is how you capture their personalities and quirks, and how you obviously relish every single one of them! You are a present, loving and wonderful mom! And Tate....well, you know how I feel about that girl...perfection!!

  2. This is beyond precious. She is a beauty...and it would seem so inside and out.

  3. These always make me well up with emotion and ... Think I should still try for a girl. Although Indy is turning out to be much more communicative than Ezra ever was at his age, so maybe there's hope! But this is about Tate... I'm sorry for my rambling. Happy birthday Tate! You rock!

  4. Sweet, special Tate. So much like her sweet, special mama. I still haven't done my bday letter for Eliza. Must do it today. Love and miss you and your precious family! xo

  5. Tate's my favorite! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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