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posted on: 1.10.2014

It's finally Friday, woot woot! I feel like it's been the longest week ever, with this Polar Vortex monster keeping the kids out of school for winter break even longer, and everyone inside the house all week. Yesterday was my first time even out of the house since last Friday & I felt like hugging and chatting it up with everyone I saw. Picture a caged animal being set free, yeah.
Tomorrow school starts up again, at least for Tate & it's warming back up to a balmy 35, so we will likely leave the house. Things are looking up! I have had plenty of time to peruse online, and started a brilliant challenge that's put my constant urge/need to simplify into action.

 The January Cure, hosted by Apartment Therapy, is a daily email I'm actually thrilled to open each morning. Anything to simplify my life, count me in. It's not too late to sign up! 

 For $80, this wire hamper is a no brainer. Laundry obviously, or toys, blankets, shoes, anything really.

 My winter white kitchen re-do for Copy Cat Chic's blog. I'd kill for that space!

 This book is incredibly touching, and so insightful into the world of Autism. I found it so fascinating.

 I immediately laughed & thought of my kids when I saw this. Does this make me mean?

 I'm dubbing this toy the greatest on earth for kids of all ages. Yup, it's that good. We gave one to our kids for Christmas and every single kid that walks in our door plays on it, any age, all day.

 A whimsical & still minimal Dumbo loft that has me completely inspired to step things up in my own home.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope it's a warm (er) one. 


  1. Loved everything about this post! Thanks for a little inspiration this morning!! Miss you��


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