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posted on: 12.06.2013

So happy for Friday! This week has been a doozy. See a bit of why (and what we did to cope), here
I finally did start decorating the house. I always keep things fairly simple, there's a little snippet of the mantle above. While I love pulling out all the cozy, magical trinkets I've collected (especially those DIY snow globes I made last year), it also gives me a bit of anxiety to fill the house up so much. Do you feel the same? 
Onto my Friday Faves... 

The neatest DIY puppet for your little one

I want these earrings

Nate does it again with this Aztec pillow. The perfect winter accessory.

This is on the menu this week.

Did you see Stephmodo loaded her shop up with goods from France. Flea market finds that she's collected from her travels. I'm loving these vintage animal stamps especially. What a neat gift idea!

A site that will no doubt make you incredibly baby hungry.

To the contrary, this book. But it's truly made going to the bathroom my favorite time of day.

The Texas Collection from Biscuit just came out, and I'm dying to use the Marfa print in a little girls room.

Move me into this home and we'll call it good.

Also don't think I forgot about the Kids Gift Guide & all important Stocking Stuffers. Those are like the creme de la creme to me. It's coming next week for those who have asked. 
I hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend! I'm taking Tate to a holiday craft event at Anthropologie and after we're planning to buy & decorate our tree. So you know there will be lots of chocolate eating, decorating, and Elf, watching at our home this weekend. Can't wait!

xo, Chelsea


  1. Dropping you dear. You used to have a warm, lovely family site. Followed your since you and Wyatt and Tate "went to medical school". Now, you are just shilling for shopping sites.

    Good Luck

    1. Anonymous- That's absolutely fine dear. My Friday faves post has been around since we lived in Dominica. It's one of my strengths, and I know readers love hearing about my finds. And If you aren't familiar with the financial burden that "medical school" takes on a family, I suggest you google the average salary of a resident. I am proudly doing what I can to support my family in the best way I can, and am lucky to have readers who support and understand that. Have a merry Christmas! Chelsea

    2. Ohhhhh girl, love your response to your anonymous negative nancy!! You're all class and I personally love everything about your wonderful blog, keep it coming!!!!

    3. Thank you so very much, I will keep it coming! It's so great to hear from readers too:) xo

  2. OK...don't lie. Seriously, how do you do it all...having 3 kids, working from home AND cooking fabulous meals? If I throw chicken on the grill and bathe my kids, I call it a success.

    1. The real truth is I DON'T do it all. The gourmet meals are few and far between since the twins came, I keep it very very VERY simple. (read, soup). Lots of nights I cook for my kids, Wyatt eats at the hospital and I have cereal. I don't bathe my kids every night, not even close, I don't work out, like ever, or go out with friends. And I stay up unhealthily late. That's how I make time to work from home, take care of Tate, the twins, and all of Tuck's needs. I just pick and chose:) There's a LOT I don't do! xo

  3. How nice if anon to let you know. ??? Your site is one of my favs. And Friday Faves usually results in me buying something you've recommended or adding ten things to my wish list. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much! I always wonder if people end up buying things. They certainly are on my endless wishlist:) Thank you so much for reading & supporting! xo


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