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posted on: 10.29.2013

The weather is beeeeutiful right now so we've been packing our weekends with fall activities. This past one was fun & full. Saturday I took the kids to a Pumpkin Festival at a nearby farm (poor Wy was still working after 18 hrs!), and Sunday we all took a walk around Lilly Lake to see the leaves. I'm almost afraid to say, for fear of jinxing myself, but this little family of ours is getting quite fun! (if you're just starting to read my blog, you must read back to understand why I'm saying this:) I think we're getting over that hump that makes it near impossible to go anywhere without causing a scene. I am thoroughly enjoying these little nuggets to the fullest and genuinely love spending my days with them. Not that I didn't love them before, of course, but I can say I feel like I wasn't enjoying as much as I felt like I should be. It just reminds me why I am so much more of toddler mom, than a baby mom. I like talking, walking, interacting kids, even if this means they're making more messes. 
Finn & Tuck have both been growing socially, and it's interesting to see them emerge themselves into their family role a bit, catch onto the family rules, and anticipate their routine more. All of which make the day so much easier and makes everyone happy. They're just becoming very pleasant and fun to be around. Imagine that? 
I am so very lucky to have them all!



Also speaking of family, my parents come into town tomorrow for the weekend, so things might get a little quiet for a bit. I've got a great Doable Design coming up!


  1. LOVE, love, love this!! You are actually really great at enjoying the small moments! I am so glad that they are coming more frequently for you:) See you tomorrow (she typed giddily!!)

  2. love this. so glad your'e over that 'hump'. cannot imagine how much energy twin boys must have (and need from you!).

    also, you guys are all reeeeally cute.


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