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posted on: 10.09.2013

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the start of my new project to simplify things in my life. Live with less. Project Simple, creative name eh? I actually feel like I keep a lot of areas in my life fairly simple, by default since the twins came along, and also because I hate clutter. But my ever growing closet has started to bother me. Although I do clean it out & donate with every season, I still had plenty in there that I hadn't worn for a while (clutter!). A lot of clothes are too baggy now since I'm finally slimming down after my chubby Dominica/ twins phase- let's not revisit that, so hooray! Perfect reason to sell a huge chunk of them and restyle myself with what I have left. 
Here's what my closet looked like before I started (with another huge pile on the floor that wasn't hung). I've taken out half, maybe more, and am selling them here.
My criteria for keeping items was this 1) Is it reflective of my true style?  2) Is is a timeless, simple piece that isn't going to go right out of style? 3) Does it fit me well?
With simplifying the amount of my clothes, I also wanted to simplify my style. I always feel best when I'm in a simple, but well made outfit. When I browse on Pinterest I'm drawn to images of women who are wearing the most basic clothes, but styled well. So, I figured I needed a little revamping. Yes mom, I got rid of a lot of color:) I'm sticking with the classics, in shape and color.

I kept these images in mind when I cleaned it out...
 1 / 2
 1 / 2
1 / 2

I'm going to post another load of clothes today, so stay tuned. It feels so good! How you do guys organize and keep your closets fresh? Do you ever feel like the need to change up your look or have you always had the same style? 


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