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posted on: 9.09.2013

How was your weekend friends? I hope it was spent soaking in the last bits of summer. It still feels like July here (bleh), so I am welcoming the Fall with open arms- gorgeous sweater covered open arms. I've got one last hurrah to kiss summer goodbye though, and I've been looking forward to it since Spring.
My girlfriends and I are taking a long weekend, sans kids, to San Diego! We'll be coming from all over the country, meeting up on Thursday and staying in a condo at the beach until Monday. We all met when we were 13 (some earlier) and so the story goes. Although since we graduated college, and married, none of us have lived in the same state. I am so looking forward to getting into that nitty gritty kind of girl talk you only have with your really great, old friends. It feels so good!

So, back to San Diego though. I haven't really spent much time there other than seeing the Del and Coronado. I want tips peeps! Where to eat, play, shop, see? We have plans to ride bikes around town, spend time on Mission Beach, and sleep in. That's about as far as we've gotten. We will have four full days, and a car, and we're up for anything!

I like this idea of starting an annual friend trip, and think we need to make it more of a priority. Do any of you? What types of trips have you found are the most fun and how often do you think is a realistic goal?
Happy Monday! 


  1. I am going to San Diego this weekend too to visit my sister! Couple recommendations....breakfast at World Famous located right on PB. It overlooks the beach, boardwalk, etc and is great for surfing/people watching. Also Georges at the cove in La Jolla. Sit on the upper deck for an absolutely beautiful view. Food is great too.


    1. Thanks Michelle! What is PB though? I have a feeling I'll feel like a dork after you tell me.

  2. Pacific Beach. It's right next to Mission Beach.

  3. you are sooooo lucky. i want to have weekends away with friends one day. i love north county san diego. my brother used to live in encinitas. there are great beaches there, one called swami's. there's a self realization center nearby with beautiful grounds to stroll and near there are some great dive restaurants to eat at. i loved the little surf shops down there too for cute swimwear and endless summer clothing. enjoy! you deserve it and are surely a better mom and wife for it! xoxo

  4. My sister lives there and took us to the Botanical gardens in Encinitas. They were beautiful!

  5. Chelsea....yes make it an annual event. This is only the second year I missed the 28th annual girlfriend trip with my college friends. 28's doable. you just have to prioritize..
    As far as San Diego goes: Here are my favorites, culled over several trips:
    The Prado at Balboa food and atmosphere ever! Great for brunch. The mojitos if anyone in your gang imbibes are divine
    Hodads...great lunch place; greasy burgers, fries and killer shakes. Go ready to feel immense and glorious guilt!
    The Architectural Salvage store on Kettner. Don't miss it. It's got wonderful stuff
    Fillipi's Pizza Grotto on India...great family style checked tablecloths, the whole nine yards...

    Have fun! Deneece

  6. I love that you asked this question because having just moved to SD I am excited for the answers!!! We have only been here for two months but here are our faves.

    Food: Blue Water Grill (great fish tacos, fish n' chips and chowder) you wait in line but its worth it or you can go at an off time.
    Spice and Rice: Thai food. Have been here many times and love it all. Coconut shrimp app, pad thai with chicken, red curry and pra-ram with shrimp are def faves.
    Board and Brew: Yummy sandwiches to take to the beach.
    Urban Plates: Most dishes are under $10 and are organic.
    Luna Grill: Fresh and yummy Greek food. I got some sort of chicken kabob platter and it fed me and my two kids.
    Shopping: fun little shops around La Jolla village.
    Fashion valley: best mall I have been to. Nordys, Zara (with kids), Urban, Anthro, h and m, cotton on, madewell to name a few stores.
    Pacific Beach: random stores but they have an American apparel and urban.
    Favorite Beaches: Del Mar (turn down 15th street you can find free parking passed the life guard headquarters on the street and it has conveniences, showers and bathrooms close by).
    Pacific Beach at Law street or Palisades Park: a little less crazy than actual PB and it is just a little ways north.
    Wind an Sea Beach: More of a local spot with a steeper surf than del mar or PB at law.

    I would love to hear about the great places you find while you are here!!

    Have so much fun!!! Girls trips are the best. You deserve it.


  7. You've gotta look up Hash House a Go Go. Yum. And stay away from those college creepers in Mission. They might try and twerk on you. Haha....but seriously.


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