Room Tour: Wells + Mille Neutral Nursery

posted on: 9.25.2013

I am so excited to share this beautiful space! It's neutral, which of course, I am a huge fan of, but it's also the nursery of my adorable niece and nephew, Wells + Mille. I feel a bit jealous knowing they get to sleep in here. 
Their mom, Maddie, isn't a designer (although she very well could be), but you can't deny her impeccable style and eye for detail. That is what I love most about this room. It feels so personal, thoughtfully collected, not just decorated. She knows what she likes & the mix of styles in here is perfect. Maddie finds a lot of her treasures while traveling, and at local antique shops, but lucky for you she's sharing what sources she can with us today! Be ready to turn green with envy.

Immediately I notice her perfectly curated collection of art, something she's very passionate about. Her words on the matter, "Art has always been my favorite aspect of decorating a room. I try to buy only things I have loved for years, or have some sort of significance. I knew I wanted the nativity scene by Kershisnik to be in the nursery. I love the thought of angels watching over my babes all the time."
Sources: Rocking Horse, Rocker, Crib, BumperRug, Fish Mobile, Stain Glass pane (was Maddie's grandmothers), and the Bonne Nuit pillow is a West Elm pillow that Maddie freezer stenciled! 

Sources: Dallas print (found locally), Pear PrintFaces Print, dresser (antique), dress (Makie).
 I love a good bare wall, and the space around little Millie's bed might be my favorite in the room. A print- neatly taped up, her initial, and that adorable duck hook (passed on from her grandmother's kitchen) are perfect details. You really notice and appreciate the quality of the details when it's not overcrowded I think. 
 Some of the neatest details, like the knit garland lining the crib, and that fabulous linen kitty (inside the crib), where made by Pat, my mother in law. They definitely aren't your typical gift "knitted by grandma"- we're lucky, we know!
Sources: Crib (Ikea), Quilt, Jess Brown Doll, M initial
Bookshelves done right. I love the basket with lined blankets (practical & cute), and that adorable mini table & chairs! A kids room wouldn't be complete without a pair of their tiny shoes on display either. It's one of my favorite things to display too. Sources, blocks.

Although I love a colorful kids room too, this room is proof that neutral isn't bland or boring, and works so well for kids. Definitely one of my favorite kids rooms.
Thank you so much for sharing your space with us Maddie, it's so absolutely charming!


  1. Absolutely Adorable Maddie! You have always had such amazing style! Even in the way you dress! I love what you have done in every detail!!!!

  2. It's a beautifully curated and warm room! I love it! Good job Maddie!

  3. This is all so lovely Maddie. Your art is my favorite part and I love all the special details. Thanks for sharing!


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