Crane & Canopy + a Fresh Feminine Bedroom

posted on: 9.05.2013

I feel like bedding is one of the hardest parts to choose for a space, do you? I have a few go-to sources and don't stray too far from those. So I was thrilled to discover Crane & Canopy, a new to me source for beautiful and affordable designer bedding. I appreciate how they have adapted some of the trends, but made them their own, while also offering great classics. And you have to read the charming story of how they started. These are the kind of companies I like to support! 

Last week they contacted me to design a room around one of their bedding products (um, yes!), and I chose their Page Duvet paired with their Gray Border Shams. It's a wonderfully versatile duvet, that would work with many styles. I was feeling girly obviously, and am kind of in love with this feminine modern space...

To see the whole post, and links to get this adorable look, click over to their blog. I'm actually loving the design features and fun tips they're posting about!

Tell me, do you tend to go bold with bedding, or stick to classics and neutrals? What about bubblegum pink in the bedroom? 


  1. We have all-white bedding. I always thought it would be hard to keep clean, look boring, etc., but it's easy and pretty! I keep it fun with textures. White quilted comforter, a different texture of white shams, etc. I like the white and gray. I might do that for sheets instead of plain white. Pretty room! I wouldn't mind pink in the bedroom, and neither would my hubs.

    1. Same here Alisha. We recently bought new white bedding and even with 3 kids I love it! You're spot on about the textures. All white looks so gorgeous with layered textures. A gray patterned sheet would be a nice contrast I think too. Hooray for a husband who isn't afraid of pink- I got one too (in small doses;)


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