A Welcoming Fall

posted on: 9.23.2013

 Sorry for the radio silence! After my girlfriend trip to sunny California I needed a week to re- group, and de-vacation myself. San Diego was amazing, and I left feeling so renewed, which is just what I wanted. The beach and girlfriends were meant to go together I think. 

I left, what felt like summer, and back happy to welcome fall in Indiana. Our first fall here, and it has a lot to live up to after living walking distance to this in Michigan. Ooh, I miss that.
We spent the weekend outside, enjoying crisp air, and hit up an orchard close by to go apple picking.
 Wyatt has just come off a horrendous rotation that had been keeping him at the hospital 90+ hours a week, so it was absolute heaven to have him around for the weekend. What a relief that month is over.

 Tuck got it a little backwards and kept trying to pick all the apples up, and set them back on the tree. 

 Best buds.

 And just like that, a dream is born.


I love starting a new season! I always feel motivated to start fresh again, and work on all of those things I did poorly the previous season. It's a fabulous confidence builder (just erase it in your mind and start fresh again:) This past month has been brutal to us, for lots of different reasons, and I know Wyatt and I are both anxious to just move on. I feel a need to completely reorganize and simplify my day, enjoy more and dwell less, and continue to improve and build my design business. Hmmm. Today I'm starting by cleaning out my closet (major purging sale to come), reorganizing my day planner, and ordering takeout for an easy, stress free dinner! I feel better even just typing it.  

How are you welcoming fall? Do you feel the same as me- a need to sort your thoughts and reorganize your life? Or are you just anxious for fall sweaters and boots? (here here!)


  1. totally feel the same - except i wish i were about to build my design business. instead i've been calling about jobs tutoring german but not sure how this is all going to work with a very active toddler in tow. online design business sounds much better! i love the changing of the seasons too and just did what i was calling a "fall cleaning" in my head today. ahem.. i vacuumed for the first time since moving here and mopped the bathroom floors for like the second time... that sounds so gross doesn't it? i pick up a lot by hand and wipe a lot with baby wipes! i promise! it's amazing what can all go on here now that i have ezra in school. i'm hoping to get my closets organized soon! xoxo love that tuck was trying to put the apples back on the tree. he's very clever i'd say.

  2. i'm totally ready for the fresh start AND the sweaters and boots. hope you guys are well.


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