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posted on: 8.08.2013

I know some of you might have back to school on the mind, but summer isn't over yet! In fact, now is the perfect time to restock your kids closet, as most stores are hosting great summer sales. I'm a huge fan of hitting up these end of season sales and buying for next year. Or maybe you're one of those where summer doesn't really end for you, and well, okay then. (I might be a bitter mid-westerner)

In my mind summer dressing is about simplifying. That's the beauty of summer, right? I like a pair of shoes my kids can run in. Bensimon's are a great option for girls, since they can hold up to all the rough and tumble, and also look adorable with a skirt. A pair they can wear to the pool and get wet (the Natives are perfect for slippery splash pads and hot sand!). Some sandals, and for girls, a maybe pair of flats. To get the most bang for your buck just buy each child (boy and girl) a pair of Salt Water sandals. Pool, beach, park, church, playdate, they work for it all and never wear out. They are magic shoes.
I'll admit to be somewhat of a swimsuit hoarder for my kids though. Gah, there are too many cute ones to narrow down. 

I've paired up with Puj to share my picks for summer swim + shoe essentials to go along with the their amazing Summer Essentials Giveaway. If anyone has simplifying parenting down, it's the people at Puj. Love them for that! They've partnered with all our favorite brands like Green Toys, Bogg Bag, Zoli and more for a huge all-in-one deal. I'd be happy just to score one of the Puj towels, let alone all of that loot. Head on over, you have two days left to enter!

yours truly for puj: Boys essentials


yours truly for puj: girls essentials



  1. I was happily surprised to see avarcas featured as essentials for girls. We bought a pair of them while in Menorca and they have been THE most used shoe of the summer so far. I LOVE them!! I own 3 pairs and the girls have been wearing them since they were one year old.


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