Fun For Back To School

posted on: 8.22.2013

The advice from yesterday's post was awesome guys, and so appreciated. Thank you! 
As long as we're talking about back to school let's dish about products. I don't know if you're like me, but I actually don't buy all of Tate's back to school "stuff" at once. Mandatory school supplies, yes, but clothes and special items no. I like to wait to find those real great items (and even better if they go on sale at some point). I'm a slow collector. I've found some really fun things lately however that I want to share. I'd be stoked to get these!

yours truly > back to school

Clockwise from top left >>

1. CATnaps > Set of two cloth kitty napkins for their lunchbox. For real? Doesn't get cuter than this.
2. Peter Pan Glasses Sweater > Sweet and studious
3. Some Funky Pants > I'm so into gingham for kids, and I adore the slouchy cut on these.
4. Denim Dot Backpack > Target ya'll. I'm pretty bummed Tate's old backpack isn't worn out yet. 
5. Pendant Erasers > So much cooler than those Pearl ones, right? And I love anything that comes in a little metal tin.
6. Dino Lunch Bag > Appeals to boys and moms I think. This is the brand of backpack Tate has, and we're on the second year. It's incredibly durable. Lots of other prints too!
7. Fun After School Snack >  Just because they're delicious and darling.Your kid will be thrilled.
8. Coolest Notebook > Some handy notes, or love letters? Maybe just doodles.


  1. How do you find this stuff?! Seriously adorable...and a great idea board for grandmas! Just sayin'...


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