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posted on: 8.23.2013

I am all for that showstopper of a room. You know, that one that immediately catches your eye on Pinterest and then you notice yourself drooling a little? For the majority however, they're just great eye candy (and great they are!), but usually aren't rooms most people would consider practical.

Then there are the rooms I come across on Pinterest that stop me dead in my scrolling tracks and I think, "damn that's good, AND totally doable". I think I especially appreciate those. I've decided to start a series just for that. Unique, pretty and stylish, yet still practical, a Doable Design.
A Doable Design, for me, is something I can live in with kids, that is pretty, feels personal and unique, and not stuffy. I'm not at all into rooms that feel stuffy, it's got to have a sense of humor.
Here is one of my recent favorites and some of the pieces to get you started... 

This space feels so cozy and comfortable. I love how welcoming it feels. The chesterfield sofa, sleek pendant, and pop of pink also make it chic, which I love. It feels like the perfect space for a small family, or new couple. I could definitely see our family taking up residence there, gladly. 



  1. rachel cowan8/23/13, 4:25 PM

    can't wait for more of these! i'm so in love with black walls, doors, etc right now and this room is great- still feels so clean, warm and cozy!

    1. Completely Rachel, me too! I would love to have black doors in my house ( don't think the owners of this house would go for it though- bleh!)

  2. I do really like it, but IMO you would have to do a darker sofa with kids

    1. Anonymous, thanks! Yeah, I know a lot of people feel that way. I'm some where in the middle though (obviously since I decorated my entire nursery in white upholstery:). It's definitely not for everyone, but with the right fabrics and treatment I think it's doable. However I do think a medium gray sofa would also look great in this space and might be that perfect solution for parents more worried about that.


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