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posted on: 8.28.2013

School is in, as I'm sure it is for you too. Doesn't it feel nice? I'm one that welcomes (okay begs for) a little structure after the looseness of summer. We've settled into our routine of dropping Tate at the bus stop, playing around together, picking her up (highlight of Finn's life, every day)... and then the whole neighborhood comes over after school for jumping, scootering, climbing trees, and food. It's um, fine. At about 6 six kids my brain starts spinning though.
I guess I'm still trying to find some of that structure, aren't I? Here are some real life outtakes of life that's happened when Tate's been away at school, and the fun after.


  1. The boys in Wyatt's arms is my favorite one! Tate is pretty awesome on the tramp too... School starts next week and I'm craving this structure we haven't had for the last three years! There comes an end to our endless summer! Honestly I have a little sadness over this, but mostly I think it's going to be a mostly positive change for us free spirits.

  2. Love these Chels- what a nice little window with fun and beautiful moments ;)


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