Summer Checklist

posted on: 7.01.2013

We're heading to Utah on Saturday for almost three weeks for my little sisters wedding, and a Horsley family vacation in Vail, so the countdown has begun! Tate has been coating the Sundays until she's gets to see her cousins now, for 4 Sunday's. It's always a crazy, fun, exhausting, exciting time when we head home. So much to do and see, so many people we want to squeeze time in time with. 
I sat down last night to make my calendar for the time we're there, and here's what's on the docket so far..
- two days after we arrive we'll drive to Vail with the Horsley's for four days (any Vail must do's?)
- Park City girls night sleepover in the mountains with my girlfriends
- Lagoon (for you non- Utah folk this is an amusement park and Tate's #1 request when we visit:) and okay, I seriously love it too!
- Pre wedding lunch & day at the pool with sistersk
- Brooke's rehearsal dinner & wedding!
- Boating at Pineview Lake 
- Eating at every delicious restaurant possible

 I'm wishing for extra good luck right now that none of my kids get sick because I plan to drag them to one fun thing after another and stuff them silly. (Maybe it's me who will need the luck?)

Also on my summer checklist are these dreamy items. There's something for you, your home, your parties, the market, the pool, and for your own girlfriend "glamping" night.

door stop// sleeping bag// beach towel

I'd love to hear any new must-eat places in Utah that I might not have been, since we've lived away for a while. Next to seeing my family, food is the second most important thing to me when I go back!


  1. Counting down the days!!!Can.Not.Wait.

  2. that sleeping bag is just plain old silly it's so pretty.

    also, vail! he he he!!!!

  3. I've heard great things about Flatbread, in Sugarhouse. If you love sushi, Sapa is our favorite! Also, La Jolla Groves at Gateway was good.


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