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posted on: 7.24.2013

If you follow some of my favorite bloggers you might have seen them post about a White Box Challenge. I chose a few bloggers to participate with me, then Joy & Revelry sent them a pair of Katie Mini Ball Lamps, and over the past two months they've shown on their blogs how they styled use them in their own space. It's been really fun to see how different, and brilliant, each designers eye have been. 

I'm sort of a lamp hoarder (I blame my mother and mother in law), so they were an obvious choice. I hate overhead lights, and usually only have all my lamps on in my house, so I like having a lot. The Katie Mini Ball lamps are interesting because they are small, not your typical size. That's why I think they're so fun! I like the idea of lamps in unusual places. In bookshelves, bathroom counters, kitchens. 
I think it was fate that this one fit perfectly on the bookshelf in my family room (making 4 lamps total in that room:).

In the evening it lets off a perfect subtle glow that looks so cute coming from the little nook. You probably noticed I didn't style lamps as a pair. I'm sold on this one living here, and still working on styling the other one in Tate's room (its a work in progress since we are still moving in, but I'll show you when it's all done).

For other ideas how to use these darling little lamps see Marianne's guest room here, Emily's mantle here, and Kirsten's home office/guest room here

Thanks to Joy & Revelry and to the bloggers for joining us in the challenge!


  1. Hi - Love your style and shop. Wondering where your triangle shelf is from and if it's still for sale?

    1. Thank you! That shelf is so so old. It was actually a hand me down from a family member. I believe from Crate & Barrel years ago. You can find similar styled ones there still I think, or at PB, World Market, Overstock- I would check all of those places. It's been really useful.


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