Beautiful Happy Art

posted on: 7.23.2013

The first word that comes to mind when I see any of Jenny Vorwaller's art is happy. 
I can, and do, appreciate many moods of art, but it just feels good to have a beautiful piece of art that looks full of life and happiness staring back at you, right?
I have sort of been stalking Jenny for a bit, admiring her work each time I would see it. So I feel very excited to be featuring some of her newest, and all original work, in my Joy & Revelry shop for the next couple weeks! 

Jenny has most definitely matched her work, and has been one of the sweetest, happiest people to work with. I love in her artists statement on the site how she relates painting to kissing. You should read it, it's a perfect analogy. Here are some of my favorites that I have chosen for the sale...

Pool (this one I think I need!)

You can see all 11 of her paintings here. Enjoy! xoxo


thanks for stopping by, please be kind.

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