Two bloggers and two tiny lamps

posted on: 6.28.2013

A few weeks ago I asked a few bloggers (me, and one more to still come!) to participate in a fun "White Box Challenge". I sent them a secret item from my shop, something I thought might be helpful to you, to see how it can be used in your home, and asked them to style it in their own homes. 
I absolutely love what they did with their Katie Mini Ball Lamps, a favorite little lamp of mine- they're so dainty and adorable. 

 Yesterday Kirsten, from 6th Street Design School, showed hers, and I thought she was right on using these on tiny tables. The lamps are just what they are called- mini. Which is why I love them so! I've loved seeing Kirsten transform her office over the years, and I think the lamps are perfect for bedside lamps for guests. Read Kirsten's entire post here, Thanks Kirsten!

 A couple weeks ago, Emily, from Emily A. Clark featured hers and my first reaction was jealousy! She's got outlets on her mantel guys.
I knew I wanted to send her the black pair of lamps because she has pops of black throughout her home, and I love the small yet unique statement they make on her mantel! They are a great feminine contrast to her gorgeous rustic mirror. 
If you read Emily's blog you know that she loves to move things around (what designer doesn't?) so I'm excited to see where these little guys will pop up in the future. Thanks so much Emily!

Next week you'll see bits of our new house when I show you where I decided to put my lamps, and also where Marianne from White + Gold Design decided to use hers! 

I can't thank you all enough for your generous comments on yesterdays post. I was so overwhelmed all day reading your comments, and it just confirmed to me how important it is for me be open on my blog, and how much I enjoy doing so. It's why I started blogging in the first place. Your encouragement, kindness, validation, and also advice was incredibly helpful and absolutely made opening up worth it. Thank you to everyone who shared! Have a great weekend, xoxo


  1. Chelsea, Thanks for this post and for picking me to be part of your white box challenge!

    Also, I just read your last post about your sweet boy. I think you are really brave to share your story and will help other moms, I'm sure.

    1. I was so glad to have you Emily! Thank you for your kind words:) If it's not helping other moms, it's definitely already helped me. xo

  2. outlets on the mantle is CLUTCH. i love the way both of these women styled the lamps.


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