The Moments I Enjoyed

posted on: 6.05.2013

 I read a great little bit the other day about parenting. It was all about how it's okay to not enjoy every single moment of it. It pulled me in right away, because I feel a ton of guilt about that. Like, every single day. I am not superhuman, and it's hard to enjoy two screaming toddlers most of the day. 
But there is not one day that goes by that I don't hear from a complete stranger, or not, that I should enjoy every moment, or enjoy these times when they are young, because before I know it they will be gone. And I get it, I do. But it also ticks me right off. Like really? When I'm on all fours wiping under the boys highchairs and Finn kicks me in head, and then Tuck throws one final piece of sticky mac-n-cheese on my head I'm supposed to be enjoying that? Yeah, no.

But, of course there are so many times I do. Like every morning when they both want to snuggle with me and watch cartoons. Finn with his binkie and blankie, and Tuck with his finger in his mouth. When they're goofy and genuinely making me laugh until I cry. When they lay their heads on my shoulder, which they both still do multiple times a day. Such cuddles they both are. When Tuck overcomes a big hurdle and it makes me cry for joy. When Finn rests his hands under his chin looks so adorable you basically have to give him anything.

Anywho, I am completely digressing. Read the article, here. The point of this post was to talk about the moments when you're like "my kids are really super cool". These are the latest gems that have made me think that....

At dinner the other night I asked Tate what is the worst word she knows? She said there was a word her friend told her but it was so bad that it's "against the law". 
"If I say it mom and dad, I could go to jail!". So to prevent a life behind bars, she agreed to spell it out for us. "S-E-C-S", she spelled. "That's the worst thing you can call someone".

As I was tucking her in last night I asked her if someone asked her to describe me as her mom, what would she say? She said "I would say you are weird, and goofy, and funny, and nice, and the best mom in the whole wide world".
Those are the moments you really really really enjoy. I don't have to enjoy the mac-n-cheese in my hair, but I live through it, so I can enjoy those moments too.


  1. You need to post a warning at the beginning of these know, the ones that make me weep at my computer while I am supposed to be working!!Seriously? Seriously!
    Thanks for giving me one of those moments when I'm thinking "My kid is super cool!"
    Love you!

    1. You're the best mom! And for the record, thanks for never reminding me to "enjoy these moments". You always know what to say when I'm going nuts.

  2. yup that was a good one Chelsea. gave me chills up and down!

  3. Amen Sista! Thank you for this. You wrote what so many women feel. I was once publicly called out on this at church. Told that I needed to enjoy it more by an old lady. An old lady with a microphone. I normally just smile and remind myself that they simply can't remember what it's like. I hope I never forget. Love you.

  4. Hi Chelsea! Loved this post. S-E-C-S made me LOL!
    You have probably already read this, but it's an ever better one (in my opinion) about the same "enjoy every moment" phenomenon!


    Corinne (Alyssa's sis)

  5. Your anecdote of the times under the high chair, head kicked, Mac & cheese in hair is so classic. Today I was picking up the toys strewn all over the playroom floor so the boys could have a light saber battle without stubbing a toe and I got smacked in the forehead with Ezra's light saber. Enjoy that moment? No... In fact, I said some less than stellar parenting words and literally stormed out of the room and laid in my bed - a first for me in my six years if parenting. It gets so much harder after the second, I can only imagine twins. But, I did really enjoy when Ezra came in and said he was sorry and took off his necklace for me to wear. It was so sincere. I said I was sorry for my reaction and all was well again. It's not all good and easy, but so worth our patience and unconditional love.

  6. s-e-c-s -- oh tate, she is hilarious.

    and yeah, to all of this, yeahhhh.


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