Getting Settled

posted on: 6.23.2013

We've been in our new city for about two weeks, and are getting settled right in. I am really surprised with how much I am loving it here. I'm also surprised with how much I'm enjoying the scenery. The stretches of corn fields, farmhouses, and classic red barns are really growing on me. I liked the area when I visited, but I'm realizing more the longer I'm here just how much it has to offer. I have a great feeling about this spot.
Wyatt works in the city, Indianapolis, and although we adore the look of the city neighborhoods, the schools surrounding are not good (most who live there send their kids to private school, which we can't afford). We live 25 minutes North of the city, in the charming town of Carmel. When my mom visited she said she felt like she had entered the Truman Show:) Paved bike paths will take you into Main Street where there is the burger & ice cream stop (Bub's), a local butcher, a candy store, a pizza joint, and the arts & design district- the cross street where all the boutiques and art galleries are. 
It feels a little to me like a resort town. It's very well maintained, like a summer family vacation spot! 

I was nervous to take Tate away from her friends. She had some awesome, just good pals in Michigan. We will and do miss them. But I'm so happy we chose the area we did, and I've decided living in a circle is the bomb. Yes, I just said that. Gah, I am such a mom. Tate has already met 8 little friends just in our neighborhood and every day someone knocks on the door to ask her to play. It's been heaven sent & so far she's had that classic kids summer of running around in her bathing suit all day with friends, popsicles in the driveway, and riding bikes until dusk that you want your kids to have.

 Our giant weeping willow in the backyard is the saving grace to the boring & flat exterior of our house. Did you know you can swing from the vines? Yeah, me neither.
Finn tastes water from the hose for the first time, then splashes himself and realizes just how cold it is! I love these summer moments. 

Wyatt also had his white coat ceremony, where he got his long white coat (short coats for the students, long for the doctors), and it was a wonderful night out. Seeing him welcomed into the world of doctors makes me all sorts of happy for him and all the hard work he's done so far! 


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