From Old to New: Moving

posted on: 6.11.2013

7485 Duval Dr.  October 2011- June 2013 (Moving Day)

We just moved from Michigan to Indiana. We've been here 1.5 days precisely. This was the last picture we took in front of the Duval house, the "farmhouse". It was in fact, back in 1930 the original Duval Farmhouse and is marked as so on the old town maps. Pretty cool. This is also the only family we have ever taken in front of the house- in our grubbies, sweaty, a little weepy. It'll do.

We're going from old to new in more ways than one. The "new house" feels pretty new to us since it was built after 1930. We have actually never lived in a house built after 1930. Our first home in Utah was built in 1913, and the one above 1930. Our new home is an early 90's great. You know the kind with awesome shiny brass door knobs, and if you follow my instagram you already got a peek into the curtains we were greeted with. It has it's perks though, I won't lie. It'll be the first place we've lived in with an attached garage, a bathroom in our bedroom, a guest room, and a finished basement for the kids play area. I'm excited about those things. It fills massive to me (and we cannot fill it), I'm so used to being squished, and kind of prefer it to be honest. But it's nice to breathe too.

So far Tate has met all the kids in the circle- Will, Tato, and a few others who I can't remember.
Finn taught himself to walk down the giant staircase, and also pulled a giant dresser onto himself and was trapped underneath (very scary, but he walked away with just some purple face bruising)
Tate has asked to visit the pool 1,232 times
Every room is 40% unpacked and we can't keep track of a binky to save our lives
Outdated drapes are down!
Nanny neighbor next door says her "kids" are leaving for a month and she'll be looking for kids to play with for the summer. You don't say?
They have a Super Target people! 

How are things going round your parts?


  1. In response to your "air hug" post, just wanted to say HI! Love your blog, your J&R shop and your instagram kills me! (in a good way) You have a beautiful family. Keep on doing what you're doing, I'm reading/shopping/"liking"

  2. We just moved also. Our first house in Los Angeles. Of course we are renting because buying here it honestly absurd. It's smaller than our apt was but only built less than a year ago. I also prefer older houses because of the "feel" they have but what WAS nice about moving here was that everything was so fresh, clean and new. Also, I was able to get my very own washer & dryer which was heavenly. No more weekly trips to the laundry mat.

    Just wanted to say I feel ya on the moving thing. I've been reading your blog a long time now (since before the boys! and when you made hairclips that I purchased!) and I'm so happy for all the good progress in your life. You are absolutely lovely to hear from.


  3. I just found your blog (can't remember how and it was only today) and am really enjoying it. I can't seem to figure out how to subscribe to it though. Am I missing something? When you get settled maybe you could let me know how.



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