Artisan Spotlight: Adam & Rose of Gypsya

posted on: 6.14.2013

I am so so SO excited to share a bit about Gypsya with you! A group of artists who ooze natural talent and genuine inspiration. Gypsya sets and builds on the trends, which I so appreciate, and they are always spot on!  They live their life doing what they love and it absolutely shows in their work. All Gypsya's items are handmade, although you will might not believe me when you see them. They are that talented people. 

I am just giddy to have some of my Gypsya favorites featured in My Shop for the next two weeks! From now until Thursday June 27th, shop all my Gypsya picks here.

Now let's meet the talent behind Gypsya!

Who are the artists that make up Gypsya, and how did you get started?
"We started because we wanted to make blankets for our homes.  Rose grew up quilting and Adam has always loved design.  What started as a hobby has grown into a large collective of talented designers and artisans.  We are such an eclectic group and we have a lot of fun collaborating together. " 

Does the name Gypsya, and the global feel of your treasures come from a lot of time spent traveling? 
"Absolutely.  We pretty much are gypsys here at Gypsya.  We're always on the move and become inspired by the beautiful patterns, textures, and colors we see while traveling. We then use inspirations that we have collected and integrate traditional methods into our products."  

One thing I admire about Gypsya is its natural unique style, and influence in design. It's always one step ahead- setting the trends, which is so incredible! What is behind your inspiration that keeps your designs fresh and new?
"We're so inspired by what we see on a daily basis.  It could be an intricate design in a beautiful palace in Morocco or a simple pattern on a run down wall in Nepal.  Beauty is everywhere.  We create modern functional products, and hope that others like them.  Our belief is that the best design emerges naturally when you design for yourself. " 

I couldn't agree more Adam. Beauty is everywhere.  Thank you, and Rose, so very much for bringing us some of your Gypsya beauty! 

Fun fact: Adam is the husband of the uber talented painter Chelsea James. I absolutely love her paintings, and hope to one day own a piece (or four). A truly inspiring family, as parents of three children (twin boys also!), and both successful artists, they are quite the team.


  1. What a find! Really beautiful things, I can't wait to check out more from them. Thanks Chelsea!

    1. I know, right? They are very talented.

  2. I love the antique quilts so much (well, all of it)!! Will you ever be selling this stuff just regularly and not just for two weeks? This is Jen by the way.

    1. Hi! I would certainly love to carry some of their things in my shop regularly, we shall see:)


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