Over the Weekend: Two at the Zoo

posted on: 5.06.2013

How was your weekend?
 The twins turned two on Saturday, and finally it has warmed up here, so we spent the afternoon celebrating with our little family at the zoo. This year I decided to simplify things for the boys. They're only two, and with our move coming up, my new job, and renting our house/finding another one in Indy, there just wasn't time to have a party. I made peace with it, and boy am I glad. We bought them a couple balloons, a small gift, and their favorite- ice cream cake. They were doted on, and all around given lots of extra love and patience. It was one of those days where I kept thinking how much I love my little family. Hmm, there might be something to this simple birthday thing?

A few snapshots of our time together...

 Their first carousel ride!

Tate had a friends party the same day, but chose to come celebrate the boys instead. I thought it was so sweet of her. She loves those boys!

 We are all so lucky to have Finn & Tuck in our lives. There is something so awesome about boys. Although exhausting, they make my life infinitely more fun!
(if I had more energy, I'd have 5 more:)


  1. Oh me oh my they are just so so cute! Does Tuck still were his little glasses??

    1. Thanks Angela:) Well technically Tuck will always need to wear his glasses, but lately he's been throwing them off every chance he gets. I had left them in the car when we went to the zoo because I was afraid he'd toss them out of the stroller and I'd lose them. WAY too much info than you probably wanted to know:) haha.

    2. Hahah that's hilarious! What a little rebel.


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