Our week in photos

posted on: 5.16.2013

Gosh this week has flown by! With Mothers Day, our 9th Anniversary, Tate splitting her head open, and me and Tuck both getting sick it's been hard to blog. I had grand plans for posts, but they will have to wait:) In the meantime, here are some snapshots of real life, happening this week.

 Popsicle season is here/ Tuck's wonderful ankle rolls and nubby toes/ Finn climbs in the kitchen sink/ Cord plugged into the butter? Finn was here.
 Finn takes care of sleeping sick Tuck/ Tate shows off her new shades/ Afternoons at the park

Tuck sooo happy chewing on his block/ Monkey Tate/ Teeth brushing together/ Beautiful blooms out our front window


  1. gorgeous! love the nubby toes and ankle rolls especially.


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