On Raising Boys

posted on: 5.09.2013

Raising boys, thus far, has been such a ride! There was the initial reaction when I found out that both the little bodies in my stomach would have penis's and I cringed a little. Boys? I thought. I only knew how to do girls and now I was getting double of the sex I knew nothing about. 
Then I got excited thinking how Wyatt will have some more men in his life since he grew up the only boy with 6 sisters. The guy deserved to have some boys! Still, I was nervous.
Common adjectives I would hear moms with boys use were: crazy, dirty, messy, rambunctious, loud, boisterous, energetic, rough, smelly. Holy smokes, I'm going to hate having boys I thought. I like clean, quiet, organized, and pretty. 
But at the end of every mother describing her boys like above, she would always end with some bit about her boys being attached to their moms, so loving and sweet, funny. "There's just something special about boys" I heard all the time. I honestly didn't have a clue what to expect, and it was hard to imagine myself thinking anything could be as lovable and charming as Tate.

Fast forward to now, they're two barely and I'm head over heals obsessed! My boys, especially Finn, are ALL of those adjectives that I was afraid of, and do you know what? They get away with murder because I just find them so darn cute. I've had to become a different mom with them- more relaxed, more energetic, more patient, more creative too. I shower less, keep my house messier, make simpler meals, and play outside more. Sometimes, a lot of times, it drives me a little crazy. But mostly it's masked by all the laughter (or crying!) that happens in our home now that they're in our family. The things those boys do, all the craziness that is them, makes me laugh so hard! Like why is it so funny to throw everything? Where is ALL that food going? Are they ever going to stop climbing on my furniture? It makes me giggle just thinking of it all. Boys are hilarious.
All those other moms of boys were right, there is something magical about little boys. Do you agree? I am surely sucked into it. They are crazy, and they ruin lots of stuff. But they are so so sweet and loving. They cuddle with their mom, and drag their blankies around the house, suck on their fingers, and smother you with open mouth kisses. It's amazing! 
I'd have 10 more boys if I had more energy.


  1. I only have one boy, not two, but I completely agree. :)

  2. Yep, there IS something about boys! And here's the deal...you go ahead and have those 10 more boys and I'll invest in Red Bull:) Maybe 1 or 2 more...??? A grandma can ask:)

  3. Amen. There is just something about boys. Heaven knows I am smitten with mine. Love that pic.

  4. I have four of them (and one girl)....my house is chaotic and noisy but they LOVE their Mama (even my 14 year old will still hug me and let me put my arm around him in church and tell me he loves me). I can't imagine life any other way...well maybe I could imagine a cleaner house but I wouldn't trade it :)

    1. Four Cheryl! Wow, how fun! Crazy I'm sure, but fun:) I'm glad you have a girl to balance out the stinky socks a bit! ha.

  5. You are my wife and he is my son and it still took me a full 60 seconds to realize that the picture wasn't of you two. I guess I wasn't paying attention to the boy, he is older than Finn. Crazy how much it looks like the two of you though. This is Wyatt, obviously.

  6. Oh,I was so nervous about a son after two girls but they are a so much fun. William gets away with too much because he's hysterical and then says it's ok I love you mommy. There is definetly something special about a bond between Mother and Son.

  7. Cute post!! I totally agree!! My little boy is ALL boy and he is only 8 months!!

  8. Sooo true! After 3 girls, I had a baby boy that just turned 2. I was terrified of raising a boy....but oh how this tiny boyfriend has changed my life! Couldn't adore that dirty, naughty little face more!


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