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posted on: 5.01.2013

Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what a product is going to look like in person when you're shopping online. For me, it still beats dragging my three kids to shop though:) 
I was especially giddy when I found these home decor items for my shop because I have them in my own home and absolutely adore them. They're beautiful on their own, but I wanted to show the ways in which I've used them to give you a better idea of what they look like.

I received my Sandstone vase as a gift a couple years ago from Anthropologie and it's been one of my favorite items to decorate with. I've started a collection of white ceramics, most of which sit on the top of an armoire in the kitchen. Although, a few of my favorites, like the Sandstone Vase, are displayed on my mantle. It stands on it's own beautifully even when it's empty. (A good thing, because it's usually empty:)

It's definitely my go to vase for occasions or parties. Above is a photo I took with my iPhone of my leftover Easter flowers, the Sandstone vase in the center. 

 My gold studded bowls probably get the most use of any decor piece in my home. I move them around all the time, split them up, fill them with fruit, serve dinner in them, everything. Even simply placed in the center of my kitchen table they look great.

Here, I've taken the smallest top bowl out to fill in a bookcase. Of course, as soon as the boys started crawling everything on these shelves had to be moved. Tragedy.

 Currently, I'm using them in the most functional way. Who said they're too pretty for clementines? I'm all about actually using your most beautiful pieces.

I get emails a lot about the specific art I have in Tate's room, and specifically about that quirky little felt animal. Tate's came from a small shop in Salt Lake, so it's been hard to recommend it to people. I'm super excited about now having it in my shop. I just love it.

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  1. seriously Chels! So proud of you. You've got style girl! Well done! Bravo!! Sending you mad love xo

    1. Thank you Hilda!!! You make me feel so great:) xo

  2. What I love about you is that nothing is too precious to use, and by using beautiful things daily, you elevate those commom day experiences and give them more meaning. Well done!

  3. This is so helpful to me. I am bad at details and love your simple clean details. Love that I am your friend and can learn from your expertise. xoxo


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