Celebrating my two 2 year olds

posted on: 5.05.2013

 Finn, today you are two!
Today you are fearless, spunky, and hilarious
Today you are mischievous, determined, stubborn, and clever
Today you can break out of any contraption we try to put you in, we call you Houdini.
Today you climb out of the crib, unlock deadbolts, open the car door while driving, climb into the kitchen sink, scale the armoire up to the tv. Sneaky boy.
Today you want to play always and sleep never
Today everyone thinks you are a girl. Sorry dude, you'll appreciate being pretty someday
Today your smile and sparkly eyes make everyone happy
Today you love crackers, berries, turkey, and anything sweet.
Today you say lots of words, and my favorite is when you ask for "nacks" (snacks).
Today daddy is your absolute favorite and you prefer him over anyone. You go ballistic every day when he gets home, as if you haven't seen him in months. It melts me.
Today you say hi to everyone who passes by
Today you have a skinny body and big old belly.
Today you have lots of teeth and your favorite Soothie binky has given them the funniest shape.
Today you give great big open mouth kisses, and sweet hugs. Always to Tate when she leaves for school.
Today you watch a show every day, and prefer to do it with your binky, blankie and cuddling with me. I let you watch way too much tv because I know you'll want to cuddle while you do it.
Today you are 28 pounds, and short for your age.
Today you love baby dolls, especially Tommy, who is a giant doll with a boy haircut that used to be your Aunt Eve's.
Today you can turn on my iPhone, unlock it, and get to your game. Freaks me out.
Today you love dogs and no dog is too big or scary for you to approach for a kiss
Today you are the clown of our family, doing anything for a laugh. We kind of love it.
Today you are either ridiculously happy and hyper, or furious and screaming. There isn't much in between for you.
Today you have long locks that we've cut many times. I love your hair.
Happy Birthday Finny Boy. 
We absolutely love and adore you!

Tuck, today you are two!
Today you are the sweetest, most lovable boy in the world
Today you are happy always, content with anything
Today you are independent and like to entertain yourself
Today you have a big fan club. Your doctors, therapists, siblings, strangers- everyone, anywhere we goes falls in love with your charm.
Today you like to babble, and scream/chirp for fun
Today you still have rolls, on your wrist and at your ankles. They are the last of many, and I never want them to thin out.
Today you are such a lover. You often lay your head on my shoulder and just want to cuddle. I never say no.
Today you are a finger sucker, your right pointer finger always. It's so adorable.
Today you are walking solid, and just learned to back up, which you think is really funny.
Today you are so so so ticklish. Every single square inch of your body is ticklish.
Today you have the best grunting laugh.
Today you love playing with things that you can rock or flick with your hands.
Today you can throw, hard. You wind back and let it fly. Everything. Then you laugh and laugh at the sound it makes when it hits the ground.
Today you think bouncy balls, and the watering can are the greatest.
Today you are so incredibly patient. You work hard to get your body to do what it needs to do, and you never complain.
Today you cry when we have to go inside. It's about the only thing you cry about. You could explore outside all day.
Today you have the biggest smile, smile at everything, and the best big lips.
Today people ask if you're half asian. No one believes you and Finn are twins.
Today you are my only child with brown eyes, which you got from me. 
Today you love bananas, yogurt, and ice cream mostly.
Today your hair is short, but coming in thicker and super blonde.
Today you are a total mama's boy, preferring me to anyone, and I hope it never changes.
Today you have big, soft cheeks.
Today you are 32 pounds and short for your age.
Happy Birthday Tuck man. 
You are the most special little guy, and we couldn't love you any more!

*Read about their first birthday here, and thank me later for the hilarious pictures of them hating their first birthday cake.


  1. OK, first...these posts ALWAYS make me cry! second...don't ever stop doing them!!
    You have such a gift of capturing their distinct personalities and quirks at each stage and you will be sooo glad that you did!
    Dang it, maybe by the time they turn three I'll know not to read these at work!
    Love you all!!!


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