Building a Summer Wardrobe: Kids

posted on: 5.21.2013

If you're like me the warm weather just consistently came, and you're probably doing closet inventory. It's something I love and hate doing each season. The thought of new clothes is exciting, but it's daunting when you have multiple kids & I'm always praying that most of last years clothes will still fit.
In the past Tate has been able to wear her clothes for at least two years, sometimes three. no joke. Slowest growing kid ever. Awesome for our wallet. This year however, she has outgrown almost every single summer item from last year. She's grown 3 inches this year! The boys are in the same boat. I needed to do a major inventory, and basically restock their entire closets with new clothes that actually fit.

I do 99% of my shopping online, for better options and convenience. Shipping fees are no big deal to me when I consider how much time, and how stressful it would be to drag my kids around shopping. Shopping for the twins is equivalent to an adult going to the DMV. They instantly become their worst, most impatient selves. The internet has so many more unique options as well. 
Just like decorating my house over time, I try to do the same with my kids clothes. Otherwise I think you tend to buy just for the sake of having something, and not because you truly love it. Obviously you can't take a year to build a summer wardrobe, but think about starting it early spring and going until June, and pick from different stores. It's easier on your budget, and you end up with more unique items.

Here are the items I've bought for my kids to get us through summer:

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9

I usually hunt for good items for a little while, pin them, and then wait until I find a discount code, or they go on sale to purchase them. You know not to buy anything from Crewcuts full price, right? That stuff always has 40% codes.

I still think it's harder to find unique things for boys. In the end, I ended up find a lot at Gap (so generic) but I like how their boy clothes are styled for little kids, and not styled for teens but intended for kids. I'm not a fan of dressing my two year olds like mini Biebers. 

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9  
That little bear tee was so cute (and cheap) I got one for each kid!

Hopefully you found something you've been needing or want from this & I'd love to hear of any great or unique finds you've bought! Now, let's hope I don't have to replenish this all next year:)


  1. What a beautiful blog you have! Thanks so much for including my cloud pocket top amongst such adorable finds!

    1. Thank you so much Marya! I just absolutely love your little cloud top- probably my favorite item in my daughters closet. So unique and well made. I can't wait to buy her more from your shop!

  2. i love those green sandals!!! and those boy rugby shorts!! h&m consistently is like shockingly good for parker's clothes. i love that place.

    1. I know, H&M surprises me too! It's not as close to me as I'd like, so I forget about it, but I always score when I make the drive. I want to see your must have list for Parker- that kid is SO well dressed!


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