Artist Spotlight: Clare Elsaesser

posted on: 5.22.2013

I'm so excited to share the work of Clare Elsaesser with you! I recently saw one of her paintings on pinterest and just loved it. When I went to pin it I realized I had already bookmarked her as a favorite. A sign! I needed one. Her art feels abstract to me, but also whimsical, which I love.
For the next 2 weeks three of Clare's exclusive prints will be available in my shop. I feel honored to feature her as my first artist in the store, and know you will love her!

I had the chance to ask Clare a bit more about her life and inspirations and here's what she had to say...

How and when did you begin painting?
I began painting, and studying painting in high school though I never really enjoyed it back then (I think mostly because I was so messy, and always wound up coated in paint at the end of the day). I have only been painting consistently (almost daily) and appreciating the process, for three or four years.

Your art is so unique, and so you. I love feeling like I could pick out one of your pieces in a group. What is the inspiration behind your art?
Thanks so much Chelsea, though lately I have had the feeling I am one of many doing the same thing! I am inspired by tons of things; nature, fashion, old photos, stories and daydreams, perusing Pinterest, people, quiet and solitude, and of course Kai, my husband and his artwork.

Do you have a favorite piece, and/ or are any of your pieces made for specific people? 
Ring of Roses is the one painting I keep going back to when I make new work, but usually once I am finished with a painting I am ready to move on to the next one. Aside from commissions, sometimes I make paintings just for fun for specific people. I made a flower painting for my penpal friend Ines last year, and occasionally I paint with a person in mind; often an artist who inspires me, sometimes someone I have known, and once in a while just an imaginary character.

I know that your husband, Kai, is also an artist (whose work I love), do you share ideas and inspiration with each other? 
Oh yes, definitely! Kai and I spend so much of our time talking about painting and inspiration...probably too much time, since we live in kind of an isolated place and don't get out much :)

Doesn't her life, tucked away in a little California studio with her husband, sound so dreamy? Thank you so much Clare!
 This is the print I chose for my home, and I can't wait to get it framed and hung in our new home. 


  1. I am so glad you have decided to feature this artist! I have admired her work for awhile now. How exciting to have her exclusive prints featured in your shop!!Now I just need to figure out which one I can't live without most:)

  2. Chelsea! Thank you so much for such sweet words. I am honored to be included on your beautiful blog, and of course in your shop too :)


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