Feeling Dark

posted on: 4.16.2013

I am absolutely loving all the black walls I'm seeing in design lately. Ironic, since my entire house is painted white. But it acts as a surprisingly nice neutral, albeit dramatic, backdrop in these spaces. I can't wait until we move to Indianapolis to try this out in one of our rooms! I'm thinking a bathroom, or our bedroom- yes!

Something to remember, to keep the room from feeling cold, is make sure to have some warm woods. Other than the floor, maybe a cute side chair, chest, or table, like the pictures above and below. Lighter and brighter rugs are going to work better in these rooms as well.
I especially love how much the framed artwork pops in the picture above^^ If you already have a good collection going it would make a great background to highlight your art.

If you're not sure you want to commit, or don't like the full scale black there are several cool ways to bring the same dramatic affect in. Here are a few: painting just below the chair rail, and below, I love just that cute door painted black!

If you're lucky enough to have pocket doors, they would be killer painted black (although also cool would be french doors, or any indoor door:) The black is going to act as a frame for your space- see how it frames out the kitchen so nicely. And below how it camouflages the settee and frames the beautiful art. A great little nook painted black is so simple, but makes such a neat statement.

What do you think? Are you digging the black as much as me?

xo, yours truly

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  1. I've been loving this too! It looks so rich. I love the idea of a deep, dark navy in a bathroom. I'll wait until we have or own place. The thought of having to paint a wall back to white when we leave our rented apartment is a total nightmare.

    1. Ugh, agreed! I'm so lazy about painting rentals. I love the idea of navy, especially in a high gloss. Xo

  2. I agree! Loving it. I just bought a sample pot of Ben Moore's "Iron Mountain" to go above the white wainscotting in our kitchen. cabinets are warm wood, so i've been trying to find something that would work with them and make them look awesome instead of "old lady". Sample is up and i LOVE it! Taking the plunge this weekend. Thanks for all the inspiring photos to keep me courageous :) -- Robyn in Ottawa, ON

    1. Go for it Robyn! I'd love to see the after pictures. I'm always inspired, and curious by other making their "normal" homes really cool.

  3. amAZING. i want them. it's funny cause i dream of all white walls but those black ones are the coolest. i was surprised at how much i love the black chalkboard wall. sort of a stepping point into the world of black walls.....


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