Easter Weekend

posted on: 4.02.2013

We've had a fabulous, and springlike past couple days. It's finally, sort of, warmed up around these parts and we've taken advantage. If the temps are above 40 you can find us at the park. It's like we're all alive again. Evident from Finn's face ^^.
The park this year is so much easier than last year, where I was carrying one, and chasing one. I'd much rather be playing/chasing two around and be hands free. And it's so fun to see Tuck mobile enough and learning how to climb those stairs to the slide all by himself. It's pure joy to watch!

 On Saturday we had friends over for an egg hunt and Easter dinner since the weather was so beautiful. Both families we met in Dominica and we will miss them so much when we part ways this summer! Tate and Avery met when they were two and are the funniest of friends.
 ^Easter Party Prep^
White powdered donuts + chocolate chip eyes + jellybean nose + pipe cleaner ears. Easiest kid treat ever.

 Counting and sorting their loot!

 I apparently put all the focus on the flowers, and none on ironing tablecloths. ha! It's a tedious job I hate doing. Probably never will.

 The little ones had their own egg hunt, and you'll see above just how competitive Tuck was. Yep, he's an aggressive little one. Finn on the other hand ate enough candy for five, and every time I turned around he was shoving more mini eggs in his mouth. At least he was going for the good stuff though, right?

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter & are enjoying your spring break!

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  1. Your family is so so sweet. I always love every picture you post.

    1. Thanks Abby! The feeling is totally mutual- I get all geeked out when I see you posted;)


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