Room Design Breakdown: Neutral Glam

posted on: 3.28.2013

I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite E-Designs that I've worked on with Reichel. It's been 9 months since I started working at Copy Cat Chic, and I love it more every week. It's funny how things fall into place, and you wonder what you did before. I had applied for this job on such a whim. Literally sitting on my couch, read her post about an E-Design position opening, and said to Wyatt, "I think maybe I'll apply for this. I could do that". Not even realizing at the time just how much I would love it, and how much it was meant for me. The job, and Reichel especially, has opened so many other amazing doors for me, and I feel so grateful. I'm definitely pinching myself.

This room was one of the very first I worked on. It was especially fun because the client lived in my same town (although I didn't know her). We both swooned over that plush couch, which the client already owned, and knew we had a great base to start with. Plus, the client wanted lots of white with mixed metals, and I'm all about that.
The entry walked right into the living room, so both spaces had to tie together. I love a good striped rug, and this one, in a runner size, worked perfect in the entry. It's important to think about scale and pattern when choosing rugs that need to coordinate together. If you have a floral, or trellis pattern in one room, think about doing a stripe or something else with harder lines in the other to balance each other out. 
I also wanted the entry to feel less put together, since the living room is quite symmetrical (we used a lot of pairs in there, although they're not pictured that way). The mint green boxes trimmed in gold were the perfect accent, as well as the leopard pillow. There is hardly a space I think a leopard pillow wouldn't work in:) They helped the space feel more collected.

We hope Nicole is enjoying her light and beautiful space! If you have a space that you'd like us to spruce up, please visit us here. We'd love to help you!

You can also view more rooms that I've designed, here.


  1. Great design board!love ccc too!

  2. I would love any or all of it!! :) Beautiful, light and classic. Love it!


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