Easy Peasy Valentine's

posted on: 2.13.2013

Very last minute I saw on my friends Instagram this darling idea for a Valentine basket. Her hashtag was #tooktwentyminutestops. I was sold! Twenty minutes is about the time I have before I start to get annoyed with a craft:) I think that's a good limit for a kid too. I want to make it clear that I didn't think of this idea, I'm only sharing it, because I thought it was so clever, and surprisingly super easy.
All you need is: 
basket- dollar store
4 stripey straws- hot glued to basket, then lightly (after the initial heat is gone) glued to the balloon.
Doilly or Pastry Trim- I cut the tops off heart shaped doilies to form the scalloped bottom of the trim and then trimmed it with wash tape, and secured it all with double sided tape. My friend used Pastry trim, which also looked adorable. 


 I WOOLY WILLY like you, Valentines!

I walked past these great past time toys at Michaels this week and couldn't pass them up for Valentines. Each was $.99. Too funny, and so simple. If you're good on the computer (which I'm not) you could make it even easier and just print out tags to tie on. I bet you could make 20 valentines in 10 minutes.

Happy Valentine's Week to you and yours! XOXO


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