Today you are six!

posted on: 1.20.2013

Happy Birthday Miss Tate! Today you are six.
Today you are 2 and 1/2 inches taller than you were when you turned five.
Today you have two missing front teeth. That's two more than you've ever had missing.
Today you are kind. Very, very kind.
Today you are in Kindergarten, and spend the entire dinnertime giving us the inside scoop on that.
Today you love doing what the adults are doing. Anything that separates you from the "baby boys".
Although, Today you are the most patient, loving and fun big sister to your little brothers.
Today you are athletic, you are coordinated and easily catch on to new activities. Lucky you!
Today you are getting taller and slimmer, almost losing all that baby chub. 
Today you can do your own ponytails, and pigtails.
Today you are thoughtful and leave presents for me and daddy on our pillows often.
Today you like to use phrases such as, "shall we?, my pleasure, absolutely fabulous".
Today you can read, and love to.
Today you are also a bit of a hypochondriac. Every other day is the worst stomach ache, headache, or toe ache. 
Today you are a really good friend. You compliment your friends at home and praise them and that is so wonderful!
Today you are selfless, as selfless as a six year old could be. You want me, and dad, and the boys to have what ever you have. (Sometimes you leave your allowance on our pillows for us to have back)
Today you like games and crafts most. Guess Who, Memory, anything on the computer. Not princess's or barbies.
Today Finn and Tuck adore you. Wave bye when you leave for school, and squeal when they hear the bus dropping you off.
Today you are a good student. Very serious about it all.
Today you are still growing your hair out. I wonder if you'll ever cut it again?
Today you absolutely hate talking on the phone. "It's such a waste of my time", you say.
Today you also say loads of other hilarious things. Still a quirky, precocious one.
Today you're taking dance, ballet and jazz. Learned how to ski, and play soccer in season.
Today you started writing in a private diary, and wearing perfume. Growing up too fast.
Today you are an amazing eater, or just very polite, because you eat anything I make. (thank you!)
Today you are reflective, and analytical, and very sensitive. A lot goes on in that little brain of yours.
Today you are carefree and happy. You smile easy and often. You give love freely and often. You are silly, still (and those times are my favorite).
Today you are independent. You are dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed before I am even awake.
Today you are fun! I miss you every day when you're at school and love seeing you get off that bus at 4:20.
Today you love to cuddle, still, and oh how I love that so much.

Happy Birthday Tate Scarlet! Oh how we love you so so much!
Looking back at five, four, three, two


  1. Beautiful!! Beautiful words, beautiful child, beautiful mama's heart. xo

  2. oh how i love these posts! i have yet to make ezra's six year old post and hope to get to one soon (it's almost been a month - but, oh so much has been going on!) your tate is a special and most beautiful little girl. i hope all her birthday wishes come true.

  3. So cute! She is beautiful Chels. Just can't believe our babies are 5 & 6. Where did the time go!

  4. So, so, so grateful for that little girl- nice post.

  5. Beautiful Tate! She's one in a million. Good to see you posting again. :)

  6. Please don't ever stop doing these posts!! Beautiful insight into this beautiful little one!!

  7. Oh my goodness, she looks JUST like you in these photos! So pretty!!!

  8. I have been reading your blog a long time. Pretty sure Miss Tate was like three when I started. She sounds like such a fun spirit. Happy Birthday Tate!!!!


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