Mary Poppins Pajama Party

posted on: 1.31.2013

Tate had her 6th birthday party this weekend, and I'm both sad and glad it's over! Sad that she's now for sure six. Glad, of course, that the whole planning shebang is over. I have a love hate with these things. I'll always do them, and I'll always stress about them.

She requested a pajama party, and I suggested we turn it into a sort of "P" party, and watch Mary Poppins in our pj's since she had also recently become a fan of that movie. She agreed!

As her friends arrived we decorated pillowcases with fabric markers, and leftover scraps of fabric I had from my hairclip days. The girls were having a blast, and it seemed like by the time the movie started rolling my mom and I would be enjoying a nice diet coke break:) ha. 
I guess when you get 13 little girls together thirty minutes is about all they want to devote to lounging around watching a movie. Even if you are supplying them with mini water bottles, and bottomless bowls of popcorn. Luckily we had our "cake" break planned, opened presents, and improvised a couple freeze dance games until it was time to go.
In the end the house was a tornado, the girls were sugared up, and I think it was a full on success! (in their minds, at least).

Bless Tate's easy to please attitude for taking the bait on this oreo "cake". She thought it was fabulous and so did I. Cookies and Milk seemed perfect with the pajama's theme too!

At the end of the night as I was tucking Tate in I wanted to make sure she had the best party, and that it was what she thought it would be (as all us moms do). As we were talking about it she said "Oh, and before I forget, thanks so much mom for all the effort". I totally melted. She's six and she's grateful, maybe this growing up thing won't be so bad.

*because I know you'll need to have them at some point, balloons are from Oriental Trading Online.


  1. awesome! love, love, love all of it!

  2. i love your posts! and your eye for details. this was such a sweet party!

  3. I am right with you: love celebrating my babies but it always stresses me out. Aaaand, we tried the movie thing too and luckily someone told me not to expect them to sit longer than thirty minutes and I feel like that was even a stretch. Duck duck goose and hot potato saved us. Love those balloons and your impeccable, never overdone taste. Everything is perfect and I am pretty sure I will need to copy that Oreo cake one year. Fantastic! Love and miss you friend.

  4. Such an amazingly cute party, Chelsea!! Lily had a blast!

  5. I love a good party. This is fantastic! Love the colors and everyone looked like they had a great time. You are one amazing mom!

  6. The party looks amazing like all yours usually do. Normie has a secret love of Marry Poppins. I took him to see the play here in New York. One day he'll probably wish I would've taken him to see something cooler like Spider-Man or something. Or that this Marry Poppins comment didn't exist.

  7. All of these decorations and those balloons are just perfect!! Adore :)
    xo TJ

  8. Attended an event here sponsored by the company. The reception hour was held in one of the rooms next to the hall. I loved their buttery mashed sweet potato.


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