Thanksgiving Break

posted on: 11.29.2012

We had a lovely Thanksgiving break. Some of Wyatt's family came out (Rolfe, Pat Maddie & Millie) the week prior, which was perfect timing because he had some time off to relax and hang with us. He doesn't get to see his family much, so it's always wonderful when he does! We even got to meet the newest little member, Millie.

Who's an angel baby. 

Most of the trip was documented on my phone, and shared on Instagram, so if you'd like you can see more here.

Our Thanksgiving day was spent at home. Cozy, casual and delicious. I'm starting to really like it that way. I cooked most of the day, making a turkey breast, buttermilk mashed potatoes, carrot souffle's, green bean casserole (gotta have a good old grandma recipe in there somewhere!), and rolls. And only because Wyatt took the kids and played outside all morning.  Divide and conquer. It worked!
The night before he slaved over the most delicious banana cream pie, a Grandma Rhoda special, and our favorite. It was perfection. When he's done with being a doctor I'm making him open a pie shop.

Throughout the day we just enjoyed each other. I looked out the window at one point in the frenzy of all the cooking and saw the kids happily playing outside with Wy and took a moment to remember the day, and how everyone that was outside was the reason my life is so wonderful. I was happy to be inside. Preparing so much food, if even just for the three of us, to show them how much I love them. I couldn't be more thankful for my husband and children.

full belly
Clothes are optional when it's just us. It's about a 50/50 usually.

It's such a nice way to start the holiday season!

*If you chimed in about the great Christmas tree debacle, thank you:) We are going to get a small live tree. A little 3 footer or so to put on our console that Tate can decorate to her hearts delight.


  1. While I love Instagram, I miss these posts!! Keep em coming!! It totally fills my need for a Horsley fix...and multiple photos is just a feast!! Love you all.


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