A Christmas Tree Debacle

posted on: 11.26.2012

This weekend we would have ventured out to buy our Christmas tree. We haven't yet because we're having a hard time deciding if it's worth the risk this year with the boys. Does this mean we're Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge? Don't really answer that please. We did always have one with Tate, but gosh, it's so much easier to keep your eye on just one, and my boys are a whole different ball game. I'm not about to pretend they don't get left alone in rooms throughout the day. I don't have my eyes on them 24/7.
But I had visions like that mom above. Look how cute those little twin boys look getting their tree! I feel like I'm robbing them of a Christmas experience, and Tate. 

Keeping an open mind, here are some other ideas I've thought about. Will you give me your thoughts?
A mini 2 or 3 footer on our console table, that I could still light, and place in a cool crate like this one.

Same feel as this, but on a much smaller scale, also on our console, or kitchen table. The glass is really pretty.

A hand drawn tree on our chalkboard wall, by yours truly. No lights though?

A washi tape tree right on our family room wall where the tree usual goes? 
I could string my pom pom garland through the center.

Or do we just need to buck up? What do you all do with multiple small children?


  1. http://ohhappyday.com/ advent calender is my solution to exactly this issue! fun, (relatively) easy, re-usable next year - what's not to like? happy holidays!

    1. Wiesje- I saw that earlier this week and loved it! If I didn't already have an advent calendar that I love I would be all over that puppy:)

  2. You have to get a tree of some sort for Tate! Just my not so humble opinion. she's old enough to remember and to care about it. A small table top tree would work!

  3. I vote for the tree... even if you have to put it up on the table. I remember being freaked out too when the girls were younger (I know, I know, TWIN BOYS can be much more mischievous) but I agree with the comment above. Maybe Tate could have her own little tree in her room? Just a thought. xo

  4. My grandparents always had one on top of the tv (obviously back in the day of giant old box tvs) that was small but perfect. You have to do a tree! I'm picturing their little eyes (and glasses) reflecting the Christmas tree lights! So magical!

  5. go for it. my suggestion is a typical tree...keep the decorations kid friendly...paper chains, homemade paper snowflakes, pretend lights out of paper & glitter, etc. i "think" they will lose interest in it after a few days :) ...i said, i "think"

  6. I'd say "buck up!" but I don't have twins. Does Tate know the Charlie Brown Christmas story? I say read it to her and then go buy a little one that needs love.

  7. i'm wondering what this will look like with parker... i was thinkig i'd pretend the tree zaps us when we touch it and scare him from even trying??? (???)

    i love the first one if you go tree-less.

  8. Fake tree, with lights, and less breakable ornaments - maybe homemade stuff.


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