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posted on: 10.15.2012

It's a fact that I haven't had the gusto lately to keep this blog updated. But it's also a fact that lots of other fun (and not so fun) things have taken up my blogging time.

Brooke, my little sister, came to live with us for the summer. It was awesome to have her here! Late night trash tv watching companion, babysitter, anthropologie discount giver, back up cook, basically it rocked. Things I learned about her while she was here- she's way more stylish than I am. I think I am, but then I see her and I'm like, shoot I'm kind of 2 years ago stylish. She has so much more energy and patience with my kids than me. She gets bored easily. Things she said she learned more about me- I'm more of a homebody than she thought (I wonder if 3 kids has anything to do with it?). I shower and get ready less than she thought. I cook good meals. I get stressed out more than she thought. I don't know that I made the greatest impression on her. Shoot. Being a mom is cool though Brooke, promise!

Wyatt is in his final stretch of medical school! HOORAY! He'll be done in May, and then I'll be able to call him Dr. (which is hot). He's had more sleepless nights than any one human should experience. His residency applications are in though, interviews are being set, and he's applying for Family Medicine programs. It suits him perfectly. He is a family man in every sense of the word. I am so proud! (and soooo happy to almost have a steady income again.)

Tate started Kindergarten and loves it. LOVES it. Has one loose tooth. This is starting to sound like a Christmas card, isn't it. Darn! I hate those kind. Well she's also taking dance, soccer, can read the encyclopedia, ran a marathon, and is class president. Kidding on those last couple. She's getting dramatic though. Every other day is the worst day ever.

Tuck is still happy. Just happy all the time. And he's getting hair! We've stopped with trying to diagnose him for the time being (I got a little burnt out from all the appointments). We'll pick it back up here soon though. His therapy, which he's currently doing 3x a week, is going very well! He's getting stronger really every week. He can crawl and cruise furniture now! Still a lot to be done for him, but he's been very healthy lately due to some changes in his medications, so we're thrilled. He just had a cold, and it was the first time he's ever had a cold and not been hospitalized for it! Stronger, see.
When Tuck sucks his finger there isn't anything I wouldn't give him.

Finn is crazy. Just a wild man. Still a total cuddler though, loves to be held and rocked. Walking, running, exploring. Just like any almost 18 monther. Loves to say stop, Tuck, Tate, K. We're growing his hair out, we'll see.

I became an Aunt, to a new baby girl! Bought my first purchase for a new bedroom (it's been the same since we've been married, and is the same bed I slept on when I was 12!) I went really big guys, new lamps. It's a slow process. I am loving working with Reichel at Copy Cat Chic (more on that later this week). And really, that's about it. Oh, and I hate my hair all of the sudden. Thinking about chopping it all off.

Some pictures..
 Tate likes to leave "gifts" for me and Wyatt on our pillows. Above is mine: some jewelry, a rubber band, my glasses, and a couple leafs.
Wyatts: his stethoscope, a framed drawing, some leafs, and some bills.

Tate makes the boys cribs up for me so nice: blanket on the bottom, burp rag, a diaper and coordinating initial block:) Such a sweet girl.

One loose tooth.

The day she decided to do 100 flips in a row on the tramp. Too much energy and no where to go.

Hitting up the cider mill down the street for warm donuts, weekly.

Ankle rolls with mocs. Such a good look.


Parents visit! 

And that's all folks! 


  1. Those gifts on your pillows. i'm dying. no better gifts than bills. love that tate. she's the most entertaining human on the planet. i'll keep saying it! you're darling kids....and you! i love this post. so fun to hear updates. so proud of wy!! he's my hero. dr. wy i should say. i'm dying my hair dark this week because i'm so over mine as well. time for change. miss you like crazy! will we see you during the holidays? sure hope so. i'm asking santa for you guys.

  2. Such a sweet post! Love the little presents on your pillows. Tess does that too. Tess and Tate- such kindred spirits. And the pictures of the twins...I'm dying. Love Tuck's sweetness and Finn's spunk. Love that they are polar opposites. I miss you guys!! I second Dru- you MUST come for the holidays and bring Dr. Wyatt too!!

  3. Soo glad you're back! I miss your posts..I hope you can steal time for more! Love the updates...feel like we've been gone FOREVER already and am feverishly trying to figure out a way to get you all HERE for Xmas!! C'mon...really? There must be a way:)Love you the pictures and miss you like crazy! Mom

  4. loved the update chelsea! it's great that you write these. i just love love love them. your mom is so pretty. tate is so pretty. you're so pretty! the boys are getting big and they're so funny. i have the same cleanup at all meals (i guess only one baby's worth though). do you have any great tips for cleaning up? it's the worst part of my day and i literally have to say mantras of peace in my head while i'm doing it. your honesty about your sister's new facts about you sound like me. i guess it's part of being a mom. you're so good chelsea. i wish i could go enjoy donuts and cider weekly with you. xo

  5. So I check up on your blog every once in a while and every time I comment I feel the need to re-introduce myself, but I am a friend of Cass' and I once met you at a wedding shower you hosted for her. Anyway, my husband is a resident so I follow along your medical journey with a little interest. Did he by any chance apply to the Mayo Clinic? I know the family med program here is very friendly towards those that did med school in the caribbean. I am sure you are itching to get back west but training here is top of the line and having the name helps in the job hunt in X amount of years. Anyway, just curious of your plans. I am always trying to sell people on Minnesota, we LOVE it ;-)

  6. All your pics are beautiful! but my favorite is the one where Tate is eating a donut wearing boots! She looks so sweet and cool!


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