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posted on: 9.20.2012

Well, it's been over 2 weeks now since I returned from New York. I think it would be safe to say I'm definitely in a blog funk. A trip this fun should have been posted about weeks ago! I'm hoping these pictures and taking the time to jot down my memories will pull me out.

If you haven't noticed, one of the many perks of being a Horsley is traveling. They love to travel, with everyone, and it's always the best time. Pat really knows how to plan a getaway! We'd all been before, together even, so this trip felt more relaxed and less touristy, which I appreciated. In fact, I was the one who wanted to sight see the most I think. I still have never been to the top of the Empire State Building. Isn't that, like, some sort of American requirement?
 Having our own loft helped the not-so-touristy feel too:) I was the first to check into this amazing place, and I was more excited about hanging out there than I was to get out and explore. 
After I chatted the owners assistant's ear off about her boss who "oh, just has a design show room around the corner", where um, "all the buyers from Saks, Neimans ect. come to stock their store for the next season", I took my shoes off and relaxed on that couch. I just wanted to soak it in, for a second, and pretend like I lived there. I just know I would be fabulous living there:) 

My list for this trip revolved around food, a show, and some exploring. The list of food between all us girls gets a little out of hand. We all appreciate a good meal, and I think we'd have to stay there for several weeks to try all the places we wanted to. For food we ate:
 Amazing dinner at the Waverly Inn (me, with my dear friend Heidi who reminded me just how much my island friends mean to me!)
Lunch at Hampton Chutney
Dinner at Pastis + followed by the most delicious popsicle you can ever, EVER imagine. Fresh Cantaloupe + mint. I never wanted it to end. It did though, sigh.
Brunch at The Dutch
Dinner at Shake Shack, after a disappointing try and fail to get into this comedy club founded by Amy Poehler. It was probably the thing I was most disappointed about. I really love a good gut laugh.

I was also dying to see Once, but tickets were too expensive. We saw Newsies and I'm so glad. It was great! The dancing was so fun to watch, and I spotted the little Evan guy from SYTYCD in the cast!
Sorry about the closed eyes guys. I thought it was safe to post, since you both still look beautiful, regardless! (and it was the only one that I got).

 Dori, me, and Erin enjoying our Sunday Brunch before the play. A perfect way to spend the day!

 Isn't this the most quintessential New York firehouse? It was right across the street from our loft and I thought it so charming!

 A highlight of the trip for me was walking through the High Line Park. Such a cool, unexpected thing to do in the middle of a city. Plus, it's where I ate said popsicle. Thanks so much for the recommendation Kelsey!

 Most of our time was spent in Soho/Noho since that's where we were staying... and I can't complain:) 
It's really quite interesting how different each borough of the city feels. Such completely different personalities. Just as I think Soho is my favorite, I walk up around the West village and Upper West Side and then change my mind. 

But, I also made up my mind down there... and I feel like I'm the only one in the planet that feels like this. But, I could never live there. That place scares the bajeezus out of me. Does that make me a suburban living loser? Probably.
I must have a little more country in me than I thought. I decided I would only want to live there if, 1- we had no kids, and 2- were really really rich. I want that loft, but I also want a car and yard on the weekend:) There's just sooo much to do, see, eat, buy, experience, and I think trying to keep up with that would be exhausting. I know I would never survive there.

 Fish's Eddy had me in white dish heaven. Wyatt is so lucky I had run out of money to spend at this point:) Don't even start me on the ABC Home store. I walked away with only a tote bag for Tate and it's one of the greatest accomplishments of my year, not buying more.
 Quickly, on the last day, before my flight I wanted to see an exhibit at the Moma that I'd heard about called Century of the Child. It was fascinating, and inspiring! I wanted to pluck out all the toys and clothes and bring them home. After walking through each decade, and then coming to ours currently (or more so in the 90's) I thought "how weird and ugly are we now". 

 If you're into design at all, or are particularly fond of children's design, it's an exhibit not to be missed!

Favorite meal of the trip: my fish at Waverly Inn and that popsicle.
Favorite stores shopped at: Makie, Trico Field, and All Saints. I could have spent the rest of our student loans there.
Realizations: I feel tiny/intimidated when I'm in New York. Sitting down for a good meal with friends/family is my favorite way to spend time, no question. I need more money to shop. Dori and I make great traveling companions because we both hate the subway + run perpetually late. Cantaloupe and mint is my new favorite flavor combo. I want to dress Tate in all Japanese clothing. There are maybe only a couple things I like more than girl talk.

Thank again girls, especially Pat, for another wonderful vacation!!! 


  1. So many things to say about this fantastic post. First of all how amazing is that loft?! Secondly, how much do all the Horsley women look alike? Third I am sure it would surprise you to know that I could never live there either. For all the same reasons you mentioned. Great to visit (especially for the canteloupe and mint Popsicles...sounds divine!) but wouldn't want to live there. Fourth I want to see Newsies so bad. Fifth you look perfectly beautiful as always. xoxo

  2. What a lovely post! I was on the same trip but certainly didn't get those pictures. You have such a gift for capturing the beautiful. LOVED NEWSIES. Omgosh- I still think about that daily. And so wish I had gotten the cantaloupe/mint popsicle instead of my passion fruit/rosemary one. Although, still good. I could definitely live there...but I agree, no kids and lots of money! I just really really really feel that we need to make this a yearly tradition where Pat hooks us up with some wonderful loft somewhere and we hang with the gals. LOVED IT!!!

  3. Okay your pictures are just gorgeous :) I love everything about your trip and New York in general. I am loving your blog!

  4. Great post. You are a great candidate for living in Connecticut. =) You get the house and the yard (for less $$$) all week. Then, you're just a short drive across the state line to hang out in the city. I did it for 4 years and loved it.

  5. Looks lovely. I'm excited to walk the High Line - I've heard great things. Might have to put some of your dinner spots down on my to-eat list! I'm all about the food too.

  6. Lets be honest, popsicles have a ceiling to their deliciousness. In the spectrum of foods, the most amazing popsicle is on the same level as an average ice cream cone or a below average cheeseburger. If you disagree I've got some INCREDIBLE ice water that I'm selling for a very affordable price.

  7. I have been wanting to go to the NEwsies! Good to hear you really liked it :)

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  8. Hi Chelsea! I just got back from New York as well! I was kicking and screaming being loaded back onto the plane... I could have stayed there for another few weeks. I jst wanted to let you know that I featured one of the photos from your home that I found via Pinterest on my blog tomorrow. It is the photo of the amazing Tee Pee :) Love your blog and fab DIYs. I am featuring a photo of the LOVE Tee Pee from your blog on my blog tomorrow! Hope to bring some new readers your way!

Holly Foxen Wells


  9. chelsea! i'm with you. i LOVE nyc but it kind of freaks me out. i literally do not knowwww how people with kids do it. i would do it if i could afford a pretty decent place, have delivery grocery stores, and YES! no kids.

    also, pleeease tell me if that place is for rent?! and link if there is one! it looks amazing. i am always trying to plan a trip for us to go to the city. last time was a hotel and that loft looks so much more fun... but maybe it's just a connection you or your family has and it's not for rent? boo.

  10. i like you more with every post chelsea because i see myself in you. i could've written this myself if i were so lucky to have a family like the horsley's to travel around with. it must help with the big city to travel in numbers like that - esp. sans men. we have that stokke high chair - so funny to see it big!


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