Guys, I got cool

posted on: 9.25.2012

Know what this is? You do if you found me on Instagram today. Booyeah. Oh yes, that's right. I got cool. I got an Iphone (my first!), and I got Instagram. 

Earlier at the park I was like "the boys are cute", "they're finally crawling around on the playground like big kids", "oh hold up, I can totally put this on instagram and my friends and family who never see them can see them!"

If you'd like, you can follow me here, or find me under Chelseahorsley.

*Boys are wearing tops and pants from Mini Boden. Finn shoes from Zara, Tuck shoes from Boumy.


  1. great...I just barely got on Facebook and now it's so last year! I guess you'll have to get me on instagram when we come out! Oh, and the boys are adorable!!!

  2. ugh... i am so uncool now that my iphone is on the fritz and i had to wipe off instagram because i thought it was taking up battery power and after i found out it wasn't - i can't get back on because my phone is too old and they no longer have the old app. : ( i sooooo would want to be instagram buddies. it was loads of fun for me when i had it. the boys are so cute! love their outfits as usual. : ) i got a cute stripy elbow patch cardi for indy from h&m recently. xo


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