We're on the Move!

posted on: 8.13.2012

He's been up and walking for about two months now, and more things have been broken, placed on higher shelves, or moved than ever before. On the other hand, he can now follow me out to the car, so at least I only have to carry Tuck out:)
The funny thing is, he's my busiest kid, and also my kid who wants to be held the most. Figures? I guess that officially makes him my most high-maintenance kid. Gosh, he's soooo adorable though.

He's full of energy, and I'm always so surprised at how much kids fall down and get right back up. Can you even imagine falling that much in one day? Kind of funny to think about.

The funniest part of the video is the end and Tate's I'm-not-kidding-around voice, as she has to ask Finn three times to give her a kiss. Hilarious.


  1. Look at him go!! He's so cute! Oh how I hate all the things we miss by being so far away! And Tate...priceless! It's actually the perfect Mom tone that you use in front of people when your kid is not responding the way you'd like but you don't want to make a scene...she nailed it:) Love you guys!

  2. oh my gosh he's changed so much since I last saw him! he is so adorable....wy's little mini me. I can't believe what a good little walker he is already. Ah, what a sweetheart. And that taters. Couldn't be any cuter.


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