In the Spirit of the Olympics

posted on: 8.03.2012

We've become fully engrossed in the Olympics around here, have you?
Tate's completely enthralled with the gymnastics, Gabby especially (although she thinks Mckayla is the prettiest:)
She's been doing some of her own Olympic events too.
Rollerskating anyone?

Trampoline? This gal is fearless. Wonder where she learns that from.
Not me, because the most I can do on the tramp is fall on my back and come back up.
Wait, never mind. I'm also a fierce crack-the-egg competitor.
There's definitely no shortage of confidence with this little one. The first night of the gymnastics we moved all the furniture in the family room for her to do her own routine.
"Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls of all ages".... she announced herself like that, to us.
I even heard her say, after an amazing trick on the tv, "oh, I can totally do that".
You know, just like she can play the drums, guitar, piano, flute, bass, and violin.

The best is here though. 
Hula Hooping by Tate, from the country Utah, number 12012.


  1. That girl brings me do much joy. Love every word of this. And laughed out loud at crack-the-egg. I always hated that game! xo

  2. I am for sure cheering for 1-20-12! Gold Medalist, Tate Horsley from the country of Utah! Haha I love her!

  3. The poses at the end are the best. She's really got that gymnastics salute down!

    1. I always thought she was fairly coordinated... until I saw the dance portion of that routine:)


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