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posted on: 8.22.2012

Completely uninspired when it comes to this blog lately. Shoot. I hate when that happens.
Summer is winding down here, it's even cooling off a bit- hooray! School is about to start soon (another hooray!). Our days have been too slow for my taste and I'm ready for something to be going on.
A random catch up, it's all I've got and I know at least my mom will appreciate it.

 The boys watching a show. I'm not sure why I thought this was worth a photo?
Then again, why am I posting this. 
 "Mom, can you do this?"
(that is not normal!)
 So bored she's reading to me in the bathroom while I get ready for the day.

 Finn looking old at a street fair

 The next three are good. Tuck hears something in the distance...
 ooooh, it's music!
 ahhhhhhhh! music!!!!!!!!!!!!
(he doesn't get out much)
 this is really where I feel we spend most our days. I'm fairly certain either of my boys could beat anyone in an eating contest. Our grocery bill has doubled.

 Tuck is on the move!
 oooh! is his new favorite word.
 getting to this toy by himself, pulling himself up, and playing on his knees- all very big accomplishments for him!
 Finn is Tate's muse for the evening
 Tate traps Finn in his room like this one day.
I guess, other than having at least one tooth missing, jewelry is the IT thing for soon-to-be kindergarteners. (so are stacks of rubber bands up your ankle?)

It's getting weird around here folks. And that's all I have.


  1. There is something in the air! End of summer blues? Too much to do? Too tired to type?

    Oh I have so much to say. Must pace myself here.
    1) Chelsea. Let's get something straight. Your "uninspired" blog posts are better than most people's inspired blog posts. Your updates give me warm tinglies because you can feel the love and realness of your sweet family. (how many fake words can I use in one sentence?)
    2) Tate's picture is amazing, creepy, strange, and fantastic. All at the same time. As one who has suffered a knee injury, it make my tummy flip, and knee ache. Kids are amazing.
    3) Finn's eager walk is such a sweet picture.
    4) Tuck. Are you kidding me? You have to frame those in sequence. Made me laugh out loud, and loud enough that it woke my sleep-through-a-fire-alarm dog.

    Now. Bachelor Pad. Is it horrible to say that I LIVE for Ed right now? He is my favourite part of the show. Other than Rachel and Michael. They would make fabulous children. Am currently thinking I should have emailed you instead. Is there a limit to lengthy comments?

    I love your posts, I love your comment on mine. Thank you for it.

    1. holy moly. it published, and it's huge. it's a post on a post.

  2. Chelsea, I have to say that I have a SERIOUS crush on Tuck! He is about the sweetest little man cub I've ever seen. I love his glasses so much. Love the post! Hope you guys are great.

  3. I love your family! Tuck's expressions made me laugh out loud. should get Tate's leg checked out. As you said, that is not normal. (but her boots are adorable!)

  4. That sequence of Tuck is the BEST! I want to meet him, and then squeeze him!

  5. hehee! you are so funny. i loved this post! home is where the heart is. i love your sweet commentary and was so happy to see your boys in their high chairs (i just got one from ikea as you recommended even though i have two other extremely expensive scandinavian ones - i guess budget skandi is better) with the mess below - funny - but not so funny. i am now dealing with this mess every day as i'm letting indy eat real food right away. any tips on clean up? i love the high chair because i can literally hose it off in the back yard. i meant to tell you last comment of yours (i emailed you back) that the bib indy has is from baby gap. the one with the whale on it. i just got some cute bandana bibs from h&m fyi. you should have a look. i also got indy the cutest pair of jeans with suspenders there. they're super light and comfy. not stiff at all and have all the adjustables to boot. i hope tate has a great start to kinder - i'm sure she will.


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