24 Hours in Utah

posted on: 8.27.2012

What would 24 hours in your hometown be? On our way to Sonoma we stopped by to say hello to my family in Utah. We only had 24 hours, so we packed in as much as we could. Family and food was top on my list so we started the day off early with breakfast at Bruges Waffles & Frites. We had time for some quick power shopping, and a walk around downtown after (plus we needed to burn our breakfast off so we could eat lunch very shortly after). We met up with my brother and his family for lunch at Cafe Rio (a must!), then drove up to the mountains to do some fishing with the kids. We fished in the rain for a couple hours, sped home, showered up, then it was off to dinner with my friends. Followed by  a separate location with more friends for dessert! A great way to spend 24 hours in Utah!!

(Belgian for breakfast, Mexican for lunch, Japanese for dinner. I clearly do not discriminate!)

Tate caught a decent rainbow trout right away!

Oh, how I've missed seeing those mountains.

The Captain, always prepared.

When the fish weren't biting, the girls thought the river was fun, and spent a good hour wading up and down on their "journey", as they called it.

Dinner with friends, as always, recharged me... and made me want to move home, soon!

Thanks for a great time, Utah.


  1. Aww, now I miss you guys more than ever! Such cute pictures...and such a sweet cousin bond!


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