posted on: 7.23.2012

I went to Sonoma, California. 22 Horsley's in one house & had a blast.
I met my nephew Knox, Katie Armour, and was bumped to sit first class all in one day!!!
My BFF drove 5 hours to see me for 2 hours and that's why I love her so.
My computer was fixed & all 10,000+ photos saved, phew.
Finn is full on walking & Tuck is army crawling!
Brooke left us:(
Trader Joes has smores ice cream sandwiches?
I think I'm the last to read Stephanie Nielsen's book, but I'm liking it.
Mini Boden changed their look a bit and I'm sooo digging it.
Busy with a fun e-design client.
She picked Jef- yes!
I'm thinking of starting another blog- one where you can buy my kids best clothes.
I found a pair of loafers identical to Emerson Fry but for 1/4 the price.
A good menu planned for this week- Blackberry, Fennel & Goat cheese pizza anyone?
Tate told me not to use paper plates anymore because she heard they aren't good for the environment & also offered me a quarter if I'd let her lick my face.

So, what do you want to hear about the most? Really, tell me.


  1. the funny things tate says. she sounds like *such* a character. the preschooler would love her.

  2. I want your recipes! They all sound so yummy and I swear I make the same dishes over and over again.

  3. Oh and please share where you found the identical Emerson fry loafers!

  4. Meeting Katie Armour! I bet you were fast friends. Sounds like a great week. Spill all the guts. LOVED seeing you.

  5. Don't you love that she picked Jef?! I was giddy.

  6. Emerson Fry look-a like's! Please, that would make my day.


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