Seeing Sonoma

posted on: 7.30.2012

A couple weeks ago Tate and I flew to Sonoma for a Horsley Family vacation. It was a girls trip, of sorts. Wyatt had a big test to study for and couldn't come, and lucky for us my sister was willing to play wife to Wyatt and stay home with the twins. Win win:)
 It felt so nice to fly with Tate, as an experienced little traveler. No babies to hold, and since it was her 40 something airplane ride, she was a breeze. She even ordered her own drink and treat while I was asleep! 
On our way we stopped in Utah for a day (to say hello to my family), and our flight out the next day was cancelled. Luck struck not twice, but three times because we ended up getting seats on my sister in laws same flight later that same day (with her adorable brand new baby Knox!), they bumped us up to first class, and while waiting to board I met the adorable Katie Armour!!
It was basically the greatest day ever. And, if you are curious to know, she is absolutely even more beautiful, sweet, and personable in person. She even tweeted about us meeting! The trip was off to a fabulous start!
 I love being in California. I am no doubt a West Coast girl. San Francisco was it's usual cool cloudy self, but we welcomed it. Bring on the sweaters I say!
This was the whole families first time to Sonoma, and I think we all left thoroughly impressed. My mother in law scored the most amazing home for us all to stay in (could you stay in a house with 24 of your relatives?- it was actually awesome!). Anyway, the house. Midcentury modern in the hills of Sonoma- it was absolutely a dream. It had quite a bit of history to boot. I read, built as part of the famous Spreckels Estate, the house has hosted some pretty famous people back in the day like Bing Crosby, Charlie Chaplin, and is now owned by Author Danielle Steele! Of course no one really cared about any of this but me:) 

Ninety percent of our days, literally from 9am to 5pm were spent out here. Which I was perfectly happy about. I learned too, one of the perk's of having a huge family. Everyone has a friend. I think I saw Tate, maybe, 5 times during the whole trip. One night she was even so exhausted from playing she came in our room crying and said "can I please go to bed now, I'm so tired".
I was reading in bed already. oops.

We did venture out a few times, and I got to check seeing the Redwoods off my bucket list. Absolutely amazing!

Who ties their sweatshirts around their waist anymore?
I need a new look.
The whole trip was just wonderful. For sure one of those vacations that don't last long enough. I definitely was missing the family, and living in a house with them all + sunshine was just where I wanted to be. I left feeling so lucky, so grateful that I have in laws I love and adore so much. I really don't know how much longer I can stand to live away!

Other highlights were:
Lizard catching by the kids, all day. Especially Cole naming his Fred and giving him a bath nightly.
Tate apologizing to me about 5 hours in for not spending any time with me. cute.
Meeting my new nephew Knox for the first time! His name is Knox Powers. He's cool.
Kids getting lost in the Redwoods (not a highlight), but after Tate tells me "I told you I didn't want to see nature in the first place". Oh how long gone those adventurous Dominican days are.
Being able to read a book for the first time in a long time.
Tom + Katie breaking up- it made for such fun pool talk.
 My dear best friend Cassi, hiring a $15 per hour sitter to watch her kids, drive 2.5 hours each way, just to have dinner with me!!!! That's why she's the best. She even surprised me with a Suzie Cakes for dessert! Oh, how I miss that friend.


  1. sounds super fun chelsea. I love getting a chance to spend time with the kids one-on-one too.

    and that girl of yours is so bright and beautiful!

  2. this post makes my heart hurt for sonoma. we have to go back! beautiful pictures!! i think you can add photographer to your list of many, many talents!!

  3. Um could you have stayed in a cooler home? And I love the pics of you and Cassie. It's so great that you two are still best friends. Great post!

  4. i'm so in love with Tate in that first picture! Where's that sweet little bow from? Great pictures of a beautiful place. Your twin post was so, so good. I keep thinking of you and all you do when i'm feeling lazy or burnt out. And, reading that post made me realize my life would be a lot easier if I had a more organized schedule and prepped my meals/shopping once a week.

  5. Flying with only one child does sound magical. I love being around family. And only you could sport the shirt tied around the waist.


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