The past 30+ days

posted on: 7.01.2012

Do you think I can do it? Sum up our life from the last 30+ days? We'll see, here I go.
And just so we're clear, our life is full of wonderful and awful times, extreme highs and extreme lows as well. You know this well if you're one of the dear friends I call on weekly for help. I just choose to focus on the best, I want to remember a good story.

 My parents and Brooke came mid May and BAM the summer started for us:) Brooke's been making the boys laugh hard, teaching Tate how to say cool things like "oh no you din't!", and busting out braids in all our hair.

 A trip out West to visit Holland, Michigan for the tulip festival kicked off the good times. Our first time seeing Lake Michigan, and the darling town of Holland and neither disappointed.

Finn has a soft spot for my dad, in a big way.

Just before we made the 3 hour drive home we stopped by the beach. Tuck already fell asleep for the night in the car, so Finn got a single ride on the swing!

We made sand angels...
and Finn took a long time deciding if he liked the feel of the sand on his toes or not.
In the end, he did.

Later that week we visited the beautiful Greenfield Village, part of the Henry Ford Museum. I can't say enough good about this place. If you ever have a chance to visit Michigan put this on your list.
You can ride a model-t car, walk through the real Edison laboratory, the Wright Cycle shop, Lincoln's courthouse, and the Robert Frost home.

This historic home I was absolutely in love with!

 We learned how they make glass, and also watched the weavers meticulously work.

This picture about sums up our kids... Tuck wide eyed and totally chill, Tate posing, and Finn completely goofy. Notice Wyatt might even be giving you a fake smile and I'm probably pinching him to get him to smile at all:)

That covers one week:)
 Oh boy. I know this is absolute photo overload, sorry if that's not why you're here. Parts 2, 3, and 4 will be: The boys birthday party, Mother's Day, our new tree swing, Tate's preschool graduation, Finn's walking, a night at the Birmingham fair, Tuck's weekend in the hospital, the set up of our first ever tramp!, the Eastern Market, and beach day at Wing Lake!
 I also have plans to start a new series about what Tate's wearing (We all know she's the real star of this blog anyway:), talk strategy when it comes to life with twins, share some good food recipes, and pictures of some new things that have made their way into our home.
Phew... that's a lot! 

* At fair Tate's wearing top by Bonnie & Claude from Mini Social, Pants from Target, Jacket from Mini Boden
At fair twins are wearing cardigans from American Apparel, shirts from Gap Kids, trousers from Mini Boden.
At Greenfield Village Tate's wearing top by Peek Aren't you Curious, Pants from Target, Shoes by Bensimon
At Greenfield Village twins are wearing striped tops by Phoenix & Nola, Shorts from Zara (Finn) Gap (Tuck)


  1. Hi!!! Hooray for a big update and lots of pictures. That is exactly why I am here! And is that the first picture you have ever posted (or at least the last in a LONG while) of your family of five? I loved it. So much. And the commentary to bring it to life. I miss you and yours and want to eat those babies faces right off. I am so excited about all the forthcoming posts...especially about your new swing. Tree swings are Horsleys just go together. Love you lots and couldn''t be happier to see Brooke with you in all the photos. Hooray for family when you are far away. Miss you. Xoxoxo

  2. This makes me so happy! Tuck is so adorable -- and his glasses -- I love them. Finn looks so much like Wyatt as a baby, and walking. I can't wait to see that. Tate looks so grown up and her hair is so long/curly/beautiful. So excited to see you two in a couple of weeks! It kills me to miss all these milestones. You are too far away! Maybe it's time to plan another trip there....

  3. Love the pics!! And isn't Holland awesome??

  4. Just had to stop by and see what you're up to! :) I love your pics and your kids are so adorable!! Your little boy is killing me with those glasses!! what a cutie!! And the other one (I get their names mixed up) looks so much like Wyatt!! What a darling family you have.

  5. seriously you guys do the funnest activities ever! you inspire me to get out and explore dallas a bit more (although i can already tell you, it won't be nearly as charming). the kiddos all look adorable and huge. seriously you need to see these baby pictures of wy - finn to a t!!! anyway, enough of this randomness, but i cannot wait to see you in sonoma!

    ps - yes i moved, about a month ago, but then was out of town for a while so we're still living amongst boxes. we're in the city now and loving it although our street is the HOOD! we've had some pretty funny/scary nights already - i'll have to tell you about them in cali. love it.

  6. I'm with Annie...this is EXACTLY why I'm here:) LOVE the pictures, and it's great to get to relive the fun! Cannot wait for more of the same...Bring it on:) Love you all!!

  7. So many beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time... Your family looks lovely!

  8. the town looks fabulously fun-- and the family pic is my fav!

  9. Chelsea! how are you?
    What kind of camera do you use? I love your pictures, they are wonderful!


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