The End of Preschool

posted on: 7.05.2012

Remember when Tate was just three? I don't. It seems like ages ago that I took that picture of her in front of our red door in Dominica on her first day ever of preschool. Yet, I don't know how she's all of the sudden five, and those easy preschool years are now behind her. Look how much longer her legs are. Her stance is more confident, more sure. Her backpack is actually too small for her now, and her hair now past her shoulders. She's wearing a fake tattoo for heaven's sake!
But she's so ready. She talks constantly about riding the bus to school, eating lunch with her friends, and having homework- you know all the important things. Preschool is soooo last year to her now. (sniffle).

A couple pictures of her last day of preschool...

Tate and her buddies, Lily and Anna.
Her wonderful teachers Mrs. Samoisuk, and Ms. Mac are why she's so excited for Kindergarten, and I feel so grateful to them for teaching Tate.


  1. Look at little Taters. Oh my. Dominica days seem like such a distant memory.

  2. OK, you tell Tate she is in REAL trouble! We keep telling her to stop growing up...and she is NOT listening!! This time we MEAN it...just stop it:) She is such a rad, cool, whatever the new term is, kid! So cute and it!

  3. Aw and now little Roe is the proud owner of that darling tank... thanks T!


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