A Good knockoff + Good Food

posted on: 7.24.2012

Readers after my own heart. You want to hear about food and shoes don't you? 
Okay then. This week the menu is good. 

Salmon + roasted corn salad
 Blackberry, Fennel & Goat cheese pizza
 Chipotle Chicken Salad
 Pesto Grilled Cheese + Tomato soup
 Pancetta, Pepper & Egg Frittata

The pizza, pinned here, was very good. Amazing flavors, and so easy to make. I used Trader Joes crust and it was so doughy (I followed exactly), so I'm determined to make it again with a better crust. But even Tate loved this one. I wonder if kids like Fennel because it taste's like black licorice?
Maybe didn't hurt that you drizzle honey over the top of it- yum!
This one is a staple for us- Mark Bittman's salmon recipe. But even better is the Corn Salad adapted from Ina Garten's and found here. We all had thirds, and I'm planning on making it again for lunches this week. It was that good. It would be the perfect side for all the summer grilling going on.

You asked, Jess, where I got myself some adorable Emerson Fy loafer look-a-likes?
Where else. Target my dear. I'm giddy about the mint color!

Shoes, here.

*All the recipes for this week's dinners are on my Pinterest food board if you'd like the recipe. See all my most recent pins here.


  1. I love that you posted the recipes! I got the clothes in the mail and love them all - Thanks!

    Also, I was at Target today and the pink loafers were marked down to $9.98! Just the pink, not mint.

    1. What?! 10 bucks. Love Target! I'm so glad you like the clothes. I'm working on getting the others up for Friday morning (don't worry, I'll you know before)


  2. totally copying this entire meal plan! corbin is going to be so impressed. is this going to be a weekly thing. meal planning by chelsea. now if you could post the grocery list as well?!? :) love you.


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