To the Father's in my Life!

posted on: 6.17.2012

I feel so lucky to have the Father's in my life that I do. The kind of Father to my children who lets our kids take up all his space.

Is the egg, for Tate to crack

The kind of Father's who are the perfect grandpa's to their grandkids...

 Visiting often, and making sure to do all the "grandpa" things with them.

The kind of Father's that snuggle their new grandson's, while all the girls chit chat at restaurants.

 The kind of Father's who their little granddaughters adore.

And the kind of Father that is equally as weird and goofy as me, and loves to go to Lagoon!

We are so grateful for our fun-loving, generous Father's!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out babe. I love being a dad:)

  2. awww, sweet. happy father's day to the men in your life :)

  3. Such a sweet tribute! And you're right..those are three great Dads!


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